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Hey guys! In today’s video I take you through an INSANE HIIT workout for anyone wanting to sculpt and tone up-or just for a good sweat! In addition, I also share what I eat along with some new easy recipes to maximize recovery! Enjoy! In health and wellness, Alicia Ciak **LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE** FOLLOW
Everyone wants to know what the most effective exercise routine is for the time that you spend working out. I’m here to tell you: 1. Hire a trainer. 2. Follow their plan. 3. Give honest feedback along the way. Enjoyment + encouragement/motivation/coaching to continue + results = continued enjoyable success Our Richmond Wellness philosophy starts
In this video, we head to the gym and I break down the exercises that make up a 20 min Tricep Day. Each exercise can be customized to your level of strength and there are modifications for if you are just starting out. Here are the 4 exercises we cover: EXERCISE 1: ROPE PULLDOWNS EXERCISE