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The 1 Hour Workout! Meal Prep with Amy, Rock Star Reviews

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In this book you will get:
— All of Peter’s workout routines, including every exercise he has done over the past year, with helpful links to see how each one is to be done with proper form.
— Overview of the workout structure so that your workouts never go beyond 1 hour and you maximize your gains per unit time spent in the gym.
— Instructions to prepare the meal he ate over and over again over the past year which is also available in video form for free at his YouTube channel where it is prepared step by step with a co-host.
— Meal prep guide so that you can create your own scalable, low-cost, easy-to-prepare, healthy, delicious, nutritious, fitness-optimized meals.
— The full, unedited weightlifting diary Peter has kept over the past year which records the weights, sets, reps, and rest periods for all exercises he has performed between September 2019 and June 2020. (Peter started training in May 2019 but didn’t start recording workouts until September). In total you will get 10 months of Peter’s workouts which were crafted by his personal trainer.
— The latest research on fitness, diet, and nutrition to optimize gains in the gym. Peter has a very scientific mind, having graduated from Princeton University in 2014, and doesn’t present anything as fact in the book without citations to scholarly sources.

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