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The BEST Bulk Up Workout Program I’ve Ever Used…

Follow this old school bodybuilding program to pack on muscle fast.

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When it comes to building muscle and strength you don’t need a lot of fancy machines or complicated workout programs. You just need to get really good at doing the basics.

One of the best bulking programs that I’ve ever followed is the 20 Rep Squat Routine. This old school bodybuilding program has been around for the better part of a 100 years. And it really works for packing on size, strength, and gaining muscular body weight.

I’ve posted up a YouTube video showing the complete 20 rep squat program that you can watch at:

I also have a blog post with the full 20 rep squat program written out in detail at:

20 Rep Squat Routine

If you’re a skinny guy (or gal) who is looking to get bigger and stronger, than I recommend you give this program a try for yourself.

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  1. Hey Lee,Im from Australia and love watching your videos, keep it up! I had a look at this program on your website and had a couple of questions. I saw you mentioned that the circuit should be done 3 days a week, would results vary if I were to incorporate more training sessions a week of my own workouts? Also, do you know of any long-term negatives with the large consumption of milk every day? Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

  2. I started the 20 rep squat routine yesterday! Watched the old video and got the whole workout. It's awesome! I've been looking for a new routine to switch things up for the next two months. I must say I find more useful tips, workouts, and exercises that I actually do on a day to day basis on your channel than anywhere else on youtube. Thanks again Lee! I appreciate what you do.

  3. Seems hell if I think about this, but could you also do this 20 rep with deadifts ? (or stiff legged deadlift), beginning with lets say 50% of your 1RM.

    squat 1×20
    SL DL 1×20
    DB pullover 1×20
    Upperbody work

  4. Hey Lee great video as always. I have a question what do you mean by adding 5lb( in kg its 2.5? add it to the total or at 5lb in per side?) Also what do you mean by workout? For example Monday is start then Wednesday add 5lb? Or?
    Sorry if i confuse you with question. If you dont get me i will try to explain better :)

  5. Hi Lee! Just wanna say thank you for your channel I wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for your channel..i try to point people to this channel lol.
    I was hoping I could get your opinion about combining this program with a variation of your strength and mass building program. The 3 videos that prioritized the major power-lifts. 🙂 Also forgive me Lee I think I posted a comment to the wrong video lol still all your videos are awesome!!

  6. screenshot cover looks like the same build at different distance/camera settings…..and that smile thing peeps do to fake the funk on a nasty dunk…shameful

  7. Great advice, Lee. And Nicholas, if you want even more details (exhaustive details) about the Super Squats program as mentioned by Lee, the book to get (see excellent reviews) is: Super Squats: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks Paperback – February 1, 1989
    by Randall J. Strossen (Ph.D.) (Author). I tried it for a few weeks and it's good but mentally challenging, like Lee says. Doesn't even matter what squat weight you start with, heck start with 80 pounds if you want, but when you add 5# each workout, it gets labored real fast (5 lbs x 3 workouts weekly x 4 weeks is 60# more on your squats!). If you add in the milk diet, you'll shit like a goose. It's fun, really. Try it!

  8. can you gain muscles at home? i've been following your tips and tricks.. dont have time for gym. So i started working out at home all body weight, can gain muscles .. any help?

  9. Hey I'm 16 years old and I have a very high matabolism, so I'm really skinny, I just want to gain weight, do you have any easy tips for me? really appreciate it!

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