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  1. I love playing soccer, but I have no one to play soccer with and I love to run but I just get lonely and bored. My favorite home excursive is squats, I can do them everyday and all day. I also love sit-ups but I find it hard to do by my self. I hate YOGA i try to get into it but I cant, I like to be active.

  2. Heya, The best success that I have ever had was with Janes magic plan (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

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  4. The best and most effective weight loss is doing something you don't like. Doing something I didn't like made me angry and work harder until the exercise became easier and then enjoyable because it became easier. Crazy logic but it worked for me.

  5. Inside seven days, I was able to get rid of more than 10 lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan” for more information. Because of Google, I could find this great plan

  6. Hello guys, It's work for me. I just did 7 days diet with "kisel body building program". Amazing results with 7 days. My fat belly was gone. If you want just search google "kisel body building program"

  7. After a long study, I discovered this highly effective and special diet in my opinion, "fizy unique plan"(Google it). I`ve by now lost 8 lbs inside a span of 12 days. It`s amazing.

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  9. It is about time that I have run into a diet that is very easy to follow, “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). I am looking forward to continuing losing 16 lbs. Another man that I know has already dropped 15 lbs.

  10. I actually did not realize anything about this specific weight loss plan, but just after a buddy of mine applied it to shed 08 lbs. Right away, I did several research on Google about "sowo amazing plan" and I actually would recommend you do the same.

  11. Be careful some vegetables aren't as healthy as you think. My girlfriend as been trying to lose weight and I am supporting her in any way I can. I constantly search for better and healthier ways to help her lose weight and stay focused but then I started falling in love with helping her so I decided to help everyone that I can when I find something I believe is worth sharing. Here are the 3 worst veggies for losing belly fat. I hope this can help someone on here that needs it!!

  12. i do 30 minutes hiit & about 30 minutes of pilates. ive been doing thus everyday almost for 2 months now. i havnt really noticed a difference. ive gain muscle for sure but its like body fat refuses to reduce & its frustrating; u ; im also dieting. 3-5 bottles of water daily, only veggies with a form of baked protein (chicken/shrimp/or tilapia), fruit, not much dairy (really only greek yogurts.) i use coconut & almond milk for my protein shakes, & I'll eat a rice cake or fruit for a snack.
    but the fat just wants to stay
    ; u ;

  13. Good grief! I love riding my bike but I gained 5 damn pounds in a day. I didnt overeat. I mean really wht? I just need to trim the fat. I have a good overall shape. Please help someone….

  14. I just workout 7 days a week at home in my room. I can tell that I;m losing weight because my pants and clothes are starting to feel sluggish. But once a get this thing for my bike I'll be able to ride it, because I really love to bike, and I always have a lot of hills near me where I can walk up and down to, so I think I'm going to give that a go one day.

  15. Goals must be manageable. And in the beginning start small. People get Gung ho and try to do too much too soon and get burnt out and give up. I've always known what to do, exercise and eat healthy. Duh! But of course it's hard to do if you've never done it. So I got some great advice from a super hot trainer. He said just do one thing each day that is a step in the right direction. Then every day do a little more. Also do what you enjoy so you'll keep doing it. Well, I Hate the gym, for a number of reasons. But I like walking the trails. So I started with 1mi, 20 mins. I did it a couple times then next thing I knew it was 3mi 2x a week. As far as diet, I'm a sugar addict. So I slowly cut out sugar. Started with no more candy..goodbye Swedish fish. Not too hard. Now a year later I walk 6-10mi a day 3X a week and have done 2 18mi fundraiser walks. Oh, and lost 45lbs so far ???? Also, I didn't weigh myself for about 6mo. Just went by my clothes falling off. Everyone has that pair of jeans they will fit into again! Keep putting them on, great motivator! I've got those jeans in the give away pile now cuz they're too big!

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