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The Best Vegan Post-Workout Meals

If we’re going to be completely honest, my favorite meal of the day is not breakfast, not lunch, not dinner, and not even dessert. It’s my post-workout meal! Well, my post-workout meal often always falls around the middle of the day, so it could arguably be brunch. Come to think of it, my favorite meal would probably be brunch. Pancakes. Waffles. Tofu scrambles. Quinoa salads. Flatbread pizza. OH MY LAWDY LAWD. 🥞🥐🍹☕️

From a lot of footage that I’ve stored from days where I didn’t film my complete days of eating, I decided to collect all of the clips and create a video entirely dedicated to post-workout meals! In general, the portions of my post-workout meals are always the largest, as in most calorie-dense, carb-dense, protein-dense, and probably most voluminous as well. Who wouldn’t be a hungry monster after a bloody difficult workout session? 😤 According to registered dietitian Arlene Semeco, post-workout meals are extremely beneficial for restoring glycogen stores, initiating recovery, stimulating protein synthesis, and allowing muscles to repair. Additionally, consuming an adequate amount of protein (20-40 grams), carbohydrates (1.1-1.5 grams/kilogram of bodyweight), and fat (most people do find that too much can interfere with digestion, however) within 30-45 minutes after your workout is vital for top-notch nourishment. Of course, water is absolutely necessary for hydration (link to full article:

Personally, I consume heaps and heaps of vegetables after a workout, whether it be a little under an entire pound of sweet potato (it’s a root vegetable), or a giant salad full of leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables! Fruit is also wonderful–I LOVE strawberries and blueberries–plus with summer nearing us, I’ll most certainly be stocking up on berries, bananas, and other seasonal produce! Carbohydrates are (obviously) fruits, carb-heavy vegetables, grains, starches, and/or beans. Depending on my meal, I rely on tofu, beans/bean-based products, nuts, seeds, and protein powder as my main source of protein. Lastly, nuts, seeds, and any nut butter, peanut butter, or seed butter serve as my healthy fats. Avocados and coconuts are also incredibly delicious! 🥗🍓🥜🍠🥑🍲

Hope you enjoyed this food-filled video! I am stoked for all of the future videos that will be coming your way–I’ve been filming a TON and it’s been a blast. Let me know in the comments what you like to eat after a workout as well as what you want to see next! Hope you smiled today, made someone laugh, and shared love to yourself and the universe. All the best! 🌍🌺💕✨


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  1. Great video! Its important to refuel our bodies with wholesome foods especially after working out! I definitely am going to give the kettle corn a try – its my favorite sweet treat!

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