Fitness Workout for Women

The Best Working Arm Toning & Muscle Shaping Workout for Women | Get Rid of Flabby Arms

For our fifth episode of Fitness TV Season2, we came up with exercises for toned and strengthened arms. We are also going to share a diet recipe with oats and milk, so stay tuned till the end!

➊ Increase Shoulder Mobility 01:12
┕ Try it yourself 01:44
➋ Chair Dips 04:37
┕ Try it yourself 05:46
➌ Arnold Press 07:57
┕ Try it yourself 09:01
➍ Dumbbell Bent-Over Lateral Raise 10:48
┕ Try it yourself 11:26
➎ Diet Menu Plan 14:35
┕ Oat Milk

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  1. If you have any difficulties performing these moves, please let me know in the comments. I’ll try my best to help you out! If you have questions about how to achieve specific body types, or are curious about more diet tips or other workout methods, please also leave us a comment!

  2. Sorry, but is using 0.30 lb water bottles the best way to build your physique? Women are just as capable of lifting big weights like men and they won’t get bulky unless they are taking steroids.

  3. Hey!! Thank you for putting understandable & quality videos!!,i have a queastion,so i was doing full body workouts for 1,5 year almost everyday,
    to keep myself in form bc i am already skinny(even lost 3kg in 5 months),had several health issues,surgery & life problems so i stoped doing anything for 8 months,now want to start again,of course will prepare my body for few days with strechings,but i want to try your special tummy,arm & leg workouts but i don't know how to combine,like is it better to do one for few months then others or can i do all 3 in one go in a day or just how to combine well? & also how many times in a week is it better to do those & in what time of the day?,thank you

  4. I do similar workout 2 days ago, my upper arm aches until today:( is it normal? (It's been a long time since I started workout again)
    I think I need a good cooling down for my arms but I don't know how

    For me the hardest one is the lateral bending one

  5. Isn't it strange to groom urself the whole life just to go in the grave on day and being eaten by the insects..efforts should be made to ease others who doesn't have that facilities which we will feel happy ..try to help orphans some day and make videos

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