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The Important of Post Workout Meals for Beginners

Hey Guys! Welcome to our YouTube channel Slay fats for life! Today we are going to talk about how crucial post workout meal & what are the beneficial of post workout meal to build muscles. Sometimes, if you don’t take your post workout meals right after your workout, you might feel that your workout will be write-off. Fortunately, I’ve realized that post workout nutrition is crucial & since consuming the proper food & balance amount of food to recover your muscles right after workout. To start though, let’s cover what is exactly the post meal workout & what’s the aim to accomplish. A post workout meal is simply & shortly meals right after your resistance workout or even a cardio session. These meals accomplish two major Goals, first is replenish the glycogen stores during your workout. It helps to keep you energized for the rest of the day. It helps to provide your muscles to boost up for your next workout and helps to prevent and recover muscles breakdown. Secondly, to increase the protein synthesis and reduce the protein breakdown. It just a rebuild and repairs process for muscle damage or breakdown caused by massive workout and putting your body in an anabolic state to increase muscles mass. So how can we design a post workout meal to accomplish these two goals. Well in this video, that’s the exactly thing we going to show up by going through what are the important of post meal workout. Let’s start with Protein. Protein is the most important macronutrient that include for post workout meal. Since it will be responsible to kick starting muscle protein synthesis to recover and the growth process for the muscles. As for the best types protein to include in the post workout meals. Should to stick with fast digestion process sources since research indicate rapid aminoacidemia and anabolic signaling extent than identical the slowly digested protein sources. Therefore, your best option here is simple be whey or plant based of protein. How much of protein that need to be consume? 20 grams of quality of whey for maximum protein synthesis for workout. There is a research says double up the amount of protein gram, able to significantly boost the protein synthesis by few percent. The best way could recommend though, a simply to get at least 20 grams for your post workout meals and aim for at least extra 20 grams on your heavier side or if you ensure want to maximize protein synthesis intake or before the last meals before going to bed. Since it will improve the protein synthesis. Now as for carbohydrates, as mentioned earlier the mainly replenish muscles glycogen that has been depleted from your workout in order to improve your performance and energy levels for your following workout. As seen the best way to consume during the post workout window in fact the super muscle glycogen stores when carbohydrates consume shortly after the post exercise and delay the consumption by just two hours reduce the rate of muscle glycogen by as much as few percent but this is likely very useful if you train on the same. However, including carbs as post workout meals is the best choice because it increases the growth hormone level in great way. The high glycemic index carbs replenish muscles glycogen the fastest. White rice and potatoes are the best choice to include on the post meals and adding fruits are the proper way to enhances digestion and fluid delivery when eaten together post workout and as for fats, researchers are relevantly unclear about the benefits and drawbacks of fats regarding about the post workout meals but we do know that adding fats into post workout meals does not further boost or increase the protein synthesis but certain types may delay the digestion of carbs which does indicate the minimize fats post workout may help replenish glycogen and promote anabolism the fastest while keeping the risk of stress low. Now as for the post workout meal timing, is this crucial to cover more details, but for now if you had pre workout meals with quality food, able to have food after 2 to 3 workout.
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