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  1. Hey There! Thank you for this useful video.
    By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet
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  2. I'm going to start horse back riding, working out five times a week for two hours. 45 minutes of Cardio, 15 Minutes of Abs and weightlifting. Also part-time indoor rock-climbing, staying away from ANY Alcohol, changing my whole diet too healthy eating. It's going to be tough but I'll get there. Think Goals!

  3. Can anyone help me get started. This is my first time working out and I want to balance my upper body with my lower body. I have the thighs and calves of a quarterback but my upper body is like a skinny af. I want to have a Ryan gosling upper body within a year or two.

    Any advice?

  4. Yea I think I just created the most Optimum Workout Regime possible that sort of incorporates FB workouts: Half FB workouts if you will:

    Month 1: PPL 3 x 5
    Month 2: Full Body 3 x 5
    Month 3: OT Phase 1 + 1 week break
    Month 4: PPL 3 x 10
    Month 5: Full Body 3 x 10
    Month 6: OT Phase 2 + 1 week break
    Month 7: PPL 3 x 20
    Month 8: Full Body 3 x 20
    Month 9: OT Phase 3 + 1 week break
    Month 10: PPL 3 x 5
    Month 11: Full Body 3 x 5
    Month 12: OT Phase 4 + 1 week break

    So you alternate b/w 3×5 for strength training, 3×10 slow tempo training for hypertrophy, and 3×20 for volume hypertrophy training. And you Do PPL then Full Body then an Over training phase which I'll explain: alternating b/w PPL/ FB/ OT (overtraining phase). Workout 6 days a week, 1 day off, 1 workout per day, 8 exercises per workout and 3×5/3×10/3×20 for each exercise depending on what month/phase you're on. 45 sec rest b/w sets.

    PPL: (Ex. = exercise)
    Day 1: Push W1: Chest Press Ex, Chest Press Ex, Non Chest Press Chest Ex., OHP ex, OHP ex, Shoulder ex, Tricep ex, Forearm ex

    Day 2: Pull W1: Row ex, Row ex, Pullup/ Chinup ex, Lat ex, Shoulder cable Pull ex, Trap ex, Curl ex, Curl ex

    Day 3: Legs W1: Squat ex, Squat ex, Deadlift ex, Deadlift ex, Ham ex, Quad ex, Calf ex, Calf ex

    Day 4: Push W2: OHP ex, OHP ex, Chest Press ex, Chest Press ex, Chest ex non press, Tricep ex, Tricep ex, Neck ex

    Day 5: Pull W2: Row ex, Row ex, Pullup/ chinup ex, Lat ex, Abs ex, Abs ex, Curl ex, Curl ex

    Day 6: Legs W2: Deadlift ex, Deadlift ex, Squat ex, Squat ex, Quad ex, Ham ex, Calf ex, Calf ex

    So you do PPL for 4-5 weeks, then FB


    Day 1:Press, Press, Row, Row, Lat, Squat, Quad, Deadlift

    Day 2:Ham, Calf, OHP, OHP, Trap, Curl, Tricep, Ab

    Day 3:Press, Chest, Row, Pullup, Lat, Squat, Quad, Deadlift

    Day 4:Ham, Calf, OHP, Shoulder Push, Curl, Curl, Tricep, Ab

    Day 5:Press, Chest, Row, Pullup, Squat, Squat, Deadlift, Deadlift

    Day 6:Calf, Calf, OHP, Shoulder cable Pull, Curl, Tricep, Forearm, Neck

    So you're aiming to do a different exercise/ variation of an exercise each time you do a particular exercise again. E.g Triceps: Might do extensions one day, skulls another day, dips another day, etc… So keep a master list of exercises for different muscle groups and exercise groups.

    Now for over training, 6 days a week you want to do 8 exercises, each 3 sets of 20, or 2 minutes/ set if it's a holding/ time under tension exercise:

    OT 1:
    Back Barbell Milo Walks, Farmer's Walks, Chest exercise, Chest exercise, Lat exercise, Lat ex, Quad ex, Quad Ex

    OT 2:
    Back barbell milo walks, farmer's walks, ham ex, ham ex, calf ex, calf ex, shoulder ex, shoulder ex

    OT 3:
    Back barbell milo walks, farmer's walks, trap ex, trap ex, bicep ex, bicep ex, tricep ex, tricep ex

    Back barbell milo walks, farmer's walks, forearm ex, forearm ex, ab ex, ab ex, neck ex, neck ex

    Alternate b/w OT 1 – OT4 everytime you're on the OT phase (PPL – FB – OT)

    OT is going to provide nucleus overload to maximize muscle gains, muscle cells will increase in nuclei, and muscle cells with more nuclei become larger (or perhaps split into new single nucleus cells, for muscle growth)

    And the Milo walks + farmer's walks are going to provide stress overload: Stress overload on your body obviously causes it to grow. E.g there was a bird or smth that had weight on its wings added, with progressive overload, couldn't fly, and after they were taken off insane lat development. The muscles grow to accommodate the stress overload.

    Tell me what you think if you actually read this far lol.

  5. This has been the best workout routine for me personally. Its an 8 day cycle. You get to hit every bodypart 2 times per week, Its not full body so there is less chance to half ass some body parts and focus more, but it trains multiple large bodyparts each workout to increase anabolic hormones And you get 4 whole days off to recover between workouts. Note: (Make sure Instead of tracking 7 days weekly macros, to track 8 days of macros.) You would essentially be training/dieting on an 8 day week.

    1. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
    2. Off
    3. Back, Biceps, Legs, Abs
    5. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
    7. Back, Biceps, Legs, Abs

  6. Hi
    I Hope my question gets answered because
    you are my only motivation…
    Keep up the excellent work????

    Im a begginer who started working out a month ago….
    So can i train each body part twice a week?

    Monday : 2 exercises biceps and 4 back and 3 shoulders
    Tuesday: 2 triceps. 4 chest
    Wednesday rest
    Thursday : 3 biceps. 3 back
    Friday : 3 triceps. 4 chest

    So thats it thanx ????
    P.s. or is it better to train each body part once a week???

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