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How to create your own workout plan that works and finally stay on track and stay motivated! Winter can be the worst time to try and reach goals, food, drinks and celebrations mean the last thing we want to do is workout, which is why i’ve popped my top tips to reach your goals and create your own routine in this video and below! Don’t forget to subscribe!

4 Day Workout Plan:
Legs & Butt
Chest & Triceps (Push) + 10minute HIIT routine
Back & Biceps (Pull)
Shoulders & Abs + 30 minute LISS Routine

2 Day Workout Plan:
Upper Body + 10 minute HIIT (hill sprints, tabata, kettlebells)
Lower Body + 30 minute LISS (Walking, jogging, swimming)



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  1. Love your videos Carly!!!! shout out from little place in Australia called South Australia. I need some motivation and this came at the right time. I lost a lot of weight beginning this year through regular weights and cardio but things have changed and I stopped going to the gym as much and eating more. I have gain all of it back and +. I'm feeling uncomfortable with the way I look :(. what is the best cardio for at home and tips on not letting it get me feeling horrid when I am reminded of the weight gain. xx

  2. I work out at home, which is going well. I want to tone my body more and grow a booty ???? at the moment I have resistance bands short and long and I have Dumbbells. What other equipment would you suggest, Or is the gym my best option? X

  3. Love the background, really fitting for this video. Have watched your videos for ages now, and seriously they are getting even better. Really enjoyed this one, so relevant for me as I try to motivate myself even more now and try to change things up, also I don't think any one would mind watching all the separate videos around weight loss/gain and anything related to how and when to train 🙂 xx excited for the next video !!!!

  4. Love this videos it's given me so much more motivation to workout now I just need motivation to not fail my GCSEs and I'm about to fail all my mocks x

  5. I am so proud of me, 'cause I have been so productive with my body and I love feeling after gym. I have four times a week (different areas) and I also have one time (abs and back legs (I don't know correct name with that)). I love my body right now, 'cause its transform, but not that fast as others. I don't mind that, 'cause everybody has different kind of body. I don't eat special, home made food, i love it. Merry Christmas, Carly! Greetings from Finland. 🙂 <3

  6. hi carly! great video it really answered some of my questions i ,was just wondering I'm going to australia on wednesday for christmas and will be eating a little less heathy and not as much exercise ,is there any tips you can give me for exercise,healthy eating,and motivation while I'm away? thank you! xxx

  7. I really needed this right now, I really lost my motivation these past few months with getting shin splints and my gym closing. I've been trying to get back into it and I know my best motivation is a Carly video! I always go back through your videos when I feel my motivation dropping and they kick me back into shape.

  8. Last year I lost 3 stone and felt great. This year has been very stressful and I've put it all back on ????
    I feel now that I am ready to start again – do you think I should start now or after xmas? Also I've been overweight all my life and never known what it's like to be thin – could weights really help change the shape of my body or am I destined to have a muffin top and bingo wings for the rest of my life ha ha xx

  9. So I hate mornings but your logic is yet another good reason I need to get over this! I struggle with food though- don't find training fasted particularly effective but it's easy to have too much and feel sick (if am squeezing all in before work). What do you like to eat (or drink) before training early in the morning? Also any idea when 1Rebel tickets will go up…?

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