Workout Meals

The Perfect Post Workout Meal

I’m not a scientist, but I do understand the basics about working out and dieting. I can’t eat an entire meal after I get home from the gym, so this is what I go with instead. You should consider this after your workout as well!

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  1. Can someone tell me if this is correct? Before gym, protein is not needed. What is needed is carbs an hour before gym. The proteins should be taken after a workout. Is this correct? If its true, why should i not take protein before a workout?

  2. Everyone's body is different so what you eat doesn't mean the the next person should eat the exact same thing. I went with a banana around 3:16 am before I headed to the gym and when I got back I made a sandwich with cheese mayo and mustard tomato and the veggie meat. It was delicious and I know with my body it should be fine. I loss 3 lbs in a week. This is my third day back to the gym after four years of no exercise.

  3. Hi Tim. I like your philosophy…..KIS…. Keep It Simple……….Some of the other comments on post workout feeds just seem to go on and on, but a protein drink and banana is easy to follow……..just one thing…… milk instead of cow's milk should be fine right?

  4. @ 2:11.  "bananas, pineapples, melons like I said right after a workout, not necessarily after a workout because it's gonna mess with your blood sugar level."

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