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The perfect shoulder workout

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These are the only 4 exercises you need to do to develop your shoulders.

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Tarun Gill is an internationally certified Fitness Nutritionist and Advanced Personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy. Having worked in major Fortune 100 companies including IBM, GE, MetLife, HSBC, as a Marketing and Communications professional, he realised his true calling is fitness.

A Graduate in History from St.Stephens College and a Masters Diploma holder in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Tarun has been a fitness writer for over ten years. His uncanny skill of making complicated fitness programs into something uniquely simple has been appreciated by over 1 lac of his followers on social media.

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  1. sir mere dono shoulders ki length mein farak hai pls koi exercise jisse mere left shoulder ki length …right shoulder se barabar ho….thxs

  2. sir this is the first time i have seen your video…and i just want to say one word to you…."WOW" & SPECIAL "THANKS" from the bottom of my heart…..all of your tips help me a lot in near future…..thanks a ton /

  3. hi its f.rahman…u said when we do front lateral raises.. so hum dumbbells ko jeyaada uppar .nahi leye jaa sakty….ager leeya to wrong hoga…but I have seen Arnold Shewasnegas front lateral raises workout….he did more up….so now can tell who is right..u or our world class bodybuilder..one of the best bodybuilder in this World..

  4. folks …. i find tarun geneuin… bcoz this guy is foucusing on what he wants to convey on whta your workout should be what diet shoud be and what to do and what you dont ….. where as guruman also has great knowledge no doubt but focuses mainly on his accent and his styling and how is he apearing on vedio …… sorry guys i prefer tarun …. he is right to the point and underrated

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