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THE PERFECT WORKOUT PLAN! – (For Faster Fat Loss & Healthy Hormones)


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  1. Hola Brenda ???????????????? my name is Jasmin and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your videos and all of the excellent information that you share, you are an inspiration. I've gone through hell these past 6 years, dealing with grief,post partum depression,hashimotos,suicidal thoughts,struggles with my bad marriage,no job, you name it, I've had it. But I've been watching you for quite a while, I take notes and also bought you ebook. And I can tell you a that I'm little by little getting out of that hole although just noticed I'm loosing chunks of hair too ???? I'll fight till the end, and I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! (I have the before and after pictures too if you would like to see them! ) I do meditation as well and I agree with your GRandma about getting divorce to release the stress!., girl that's a real thing! My health went down the hill when I got married to the wrong person for me. I'm still not divorced but I let go of wanting to try and that helped me tremendously, I gained 50 pounds and my husband was constantly on me to make me lose the weight and I was too depressed and down to noticed he was abusing me. But now I'm building my self up with your help and my self love and the love for my Child! Thank you again . And thanks for this video because I was totally lost as a beginner this is gold! Xxoo

  2. I am so excited I have currently found a weight loss plan that is quite simple to understand that concept of and a very easy diet program to follow. It has been one of the only diet plans We have participated in that has gave me any results, which I have decreased nearly 18 pounds. Google "vivi awesome plan" right now.

  3. So so glad I came across this. Do you recommend to print templates or invest in a planner. Do you track your workouts? I usually see people with notebooks are the gym. I'm a beginner. Long term and short term goals

  4. I just discovered your YouTube videos, and all the info is very helpful in each one I've watched so far. I do have a question: are there any specific modifications to a workout schedule that you would recommend for someone with hypothyroidism?

  5. hi there,will you able to do workout video for those who doesn't have gym subscription? i.e leg workout,upperbody,abs.. to loose weight and for???? body :)

  6. I wasn`t aware of this diet program right until my good friend said that they had lost 12 lbs using it. I went onto Google and searched "vivi awesome plan" and advise you do so too. Enjoy the plan, get your better life and perfect body

  7. Weight lose now super comfortable with "kisel body building program". Love it. Now my body shape is sexy.
    just Search Google for "kisel body building program"

  8. What about 30 day challenge? Like 30 days to do 100 squats by the end of the month, increasing the amount of squats, pushup, and etc. Would that be okay of constienly doing those workouts and ending the workout with an 11 min yoga session YouTube? Please and thank you. Currently sore DX

  9. I've followed her for such a long time and her advise transformed my body .. I fell off, but I am not as overwhelmed knowing she's back & giving out great info that I know will recondition my body but most importantly do it in safe & healthy way. LOVE HER!

  10. i just took notes. loved your break down about zone intensity. n the four types of exercises. put into a week. makes sense . i have been confused about incorporating all types of workouts in a week. love love love u

  11. hey this vedio is very helpful for me. i have a query as i am a dancer but now a days i am doing aerobics and workout sessions with stretching and yoga at home to maintain my fitness . but my stomach gets bloated sometimes after workout and my face is getting dull from the day i started working out. please help me out what i am doing wrong

  12. Thanks soul sista! You're totally on target! I feel fatigued during my period the most and was getting down on myself for being too tired to do a 4 today so thanks for making me feel a lot better about that! :p I went for a challenging but brief 20 minute cold therapy swim today instead!

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