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The Single Best Workout Split? (MUSCLE GROUPING)

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Determining the best workout split is one of the most popular questions being asked by every person that works out. The answer however is not a simple one if you want to be truthful. Anyone that pretends to tell you the one best training split should be avoided when looking for helpful advice. This is because in order to know how to best split your muscle group training you need to ask many questions.

The first thing you need to understand is what your current training goals are. Are you trying to build new muscle? Are you trying to improve your conditioning while losing body fat? Are you trying to develop explosive power and athleticism? The answer to that question can greatly alter the training split that would best fit your goal.

Next you need to understand what type of training split you just completed. For instance, some workout splits are much more successful than others depending on the one that immediately preceded it. Following a period were you were doing high volume low weight training, your muscles are more primed and ready than ever for a change to lower volume. Whether or not you accompany that with an increase in weight would depend on whether strength was a priority for you or not.

Additionally, not all splits are right for every body. If you were going to attempt to build bigger triceps because they were a weak muscle group for you then you would want to prioritize them with additional volume over the course of a training cycle. This could come in the form of a few additional sets at the end of 3 workouts in a week or as an additional day of training per week geared at the triceps.

Finally, while push and pull muscle group splits have their advantages in helping to manage training volume they can’t be relied on as gospel for how you should train. For example, biceps and back are two muscle groups that act to “pull” when active. Training them on the same day would allow you to work the two similar functions without subjecting yourself to overtraining by continually training them on back to back days.

That said, thinking that a push and a pull muscle group can’t be worked together because of this synergy would prevent you from realizing the gains you could see by training this way. See the example of how the back and triceps work well together in this video for an example of this.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is make sure you are strategically varying your training splits. Never listen to someone that tells you the best training split to do unless they are aware of what your goals are and where in your training plan you currently are. They need to know what you’ve been training like leading up to this point as well. If you’re looking for a step by step workout plan that varies training splits from phase to phase and does so with science leading the way, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System

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  1. I got this split from Dom Mazzetti
    Monday: Chest and Biceps
    Tuesday: Triceps and Biceps
    Wednesday:Shoulders and Biceps
    Thursday:Bicep day
    Friday:Legs…. I mean light biceps

  2. Guys, I don't understand why you are doing chest and triceps the same day, there is so no logic there…while doing your chest, triceps is also doing smaller job, you know that, but when you go start doing triceps, it's pretty tired so it won't get its full potential

  3. I cycle train a lot. They say don't do bis and forearms on the same day, I say bullshit. I do everything to failure. Pyramid up and down or I will go light and just burn everything out, but I change it up all the time.

  4. You actually know what your talking about, i think you are one of the only youtubers that dont talk about bs and actually try to help people. Thanks jeff all the way from down under!!

  5. I've found this to work out pretty well:
    Chest & Triceps
    Calves & Biceps
    Lats & lower back
    Quads & triceps
    Shoulders & Biceps
    4 Pyramidal sets, 3 regular sets, 2 super sets and 1 drop set and stretch + 5-7 min abs at the end

  6. for instance: I have essentially just been running splits based off what feels right. 7 months ago, 6'1 140 pounds, fresh off of mono… started doing what were essentially chest dominant full body workouts for about 6 weeks every other day, sometimes after 72 hours, with maybe 4 or 5 leg workouts that month. I stopped seeing chest growth so i figured i needed to start running this split: legs // chest // back // legs // chest // back // off // legs … etc did this for a solid 2 months. very few rest days, slowly incorporating more and more mobility, flexibility, core and ab work throughout. Chest developed, back developed, look bigger and gained a lot of weight fast… but i kept reading about how this might cause overtraining, so in an attempt to make sure I wasn't wasting any gains through overtraining I began experimenting by throwing in an arm day (i had previously not focused on arms or shoulders directly, I was more focused on pulling my shoulderblades in and fixing some postural imbalances first… thats going to take a long time) any way… once you go arm day, is hard not going back. And my medial delts are blowing up… But I've slacked on the legs and I somehow weigh 175 whereas 2 months ago I weighed 180 and looked smaller (yes I know, 40 pounds in 5 months). Im beginning to get frustrated with not keeping up the weight gain, but ultimately I slacked off and I'm not eating at as large of a surplus as I was a few months ago. I am very excited though because I have proven to myself that my body is very responsive. For example, one month ago I could not locate my rear delt…. so I have hit the rear delt hard about 8 times since then, and now I can reach back and run my finger across the muscle fibers and voila, I have a rear delt. I no longer play soccer but my goal is to be as big as I can be without it impeding my agility. From here on out I have simple goals. seated shoulder press with 100 lb dumbells (2x100lb), muscle ups x 8 , one handed pushup, dragon flag (im close), 1 armed pullup, grab onto a street sign and keep my body parallel to the ground, front flip. thats it! haha

  7. Bands vs cables vs weights, Range of motion…etc. Just suspend yourself in a jelly like substance for your entire life, eat through a tube and upload your consciousness into the Matrix. Problem solved. 

  8. I train on a rotator split:
    Upper – Monday
    Lower (Squat) – Tuesday
    rest – Wednesday
    Push/ Chest & Back/ Back & Shoulders – Thursday
    Pull/ Shoulders & Arms/ Chest & Arms – Friday
    Legs (deadlift) – Saturday
    rest – Sunday
    Once I complete the rotation I do a deload week of full body Mon, Wed, Fri

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