Fitness Workout for Men

The Three Minute Ultimate Core Workout – for women and men (ABS workout / Flat Belly Routine)

3 Minute Core Workout Video by Sanita. Learn How to Get strong core muscles just doing this daily exercises – 3 minutes .The video shows exactly how to get six pack in three minutes. Watch the video and learn the easiest way to get six pack in 3 minutes.
If you are serious about getting abs you need to check out our other video.

Sanita is fitness athlete from Latvia and right now she is getting ready for competition in Fitness. So try out her daily abs workout and definitely try our other abs workouts! If she can do it so can you!!!

Used exercises:
-Side-Lying geg lift
-Side Crunches with Leg Raise
-Plank with hip twist
-Elbow to knee crunch
-Crunch with knees to the chest
-Leg lift with hip raise
-Plank Jacks

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