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The Ultimate Butt Workout | How to Plan Your Workout Week

Thank you so much for watching! This workout is KILLER, let me know if you tried it and what you think!
Thank you so much for your support, I love you guys!♥
Many more videos coming up!

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  1. EZ is awesome in so many ways, but we all have to be impressed by zero "ums" and "uhs" and being a great speaker on top of hotness and 'to the point content'.  Yes, I know there is editing, but that camera presence is top notch.  Go girl !

  2. Can you make some videos showing your other workouts, such as chest and back? Thanks for all the butt workout vids as that is what I want to focus on, but I have never been to a gym (I will soon after watching you) and have no clue what kind of machines do what.

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