Quick Fitness Workout

Total Body Workout- No Equipment Exercises (LIIT) #BFBody Quick Workout

The Workout:
*You don’t need any equipment for this workout.*
Intervals: 35 Cardio (Marching or Cardio of Choice) 45 Maximum Repetitions for each exercise.

1. Side Leg Lift-Right
2. Side Leg Lift-Left
3. Floor Tap Squats (alternating)
4. Low Impact Burpee
5. Crab Knee Tap
6. Curtsy Lunge Kick-Right
7. Curtsy Lunge Kick-Left
8. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right
9. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
10. Plie Pulse
11. Warrior III Calf Raise (Alternating)
12. Angel Abs
13. Side V-Up-Right
14. Side V-Up-Left
15. Temple Tap Abs
16. Leg/Hip Lift
17. Dead Bug
18. Down Dog Side Plank (Alternating)
19. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
20. Cat Bow or Pushup
21. Shoulder Blade Squeeze
22. Tricep Pushup-Right
23. Tricep Pushup-Left

Optional: Repeat the workout to make it more intense.

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  1. I can't wait to go home and try this. I've been doing a video of yours 5 days per week for a weeks now and I am so happy with my results. Thank you Melissa, I am over here wearing shorts in the winter because my legs are so toned and can't wait for the summertime.

  2. I love that even though this is low intensity we have the option to do high-intensity and even as a low intensity and pregnant I can do this with any cardio that suits me or variate throughout each interval. Melissa another incredible work out. Thank you.

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