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TWIN Postpartum FITNESS DIARY: Upper Body workout & high protein VEGAN MEALS

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Here is my postpartum weight loss playlist if you missed any videos on my journey :

LIVWELL nutrition protein:

My Vegan Twin Pregnancy Playlist:


MEAL PREP videos:

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Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release]

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  1. I ADORE you and your family! 🙂 Your girls are so sweet and adorable! And your son cracks me up! LOL! I also love your fitness content. It really helps motivate me. Even though I am not a Mom I LOVE how you show both Mom life and fitness stuff. <3 Keep it up! Love it all!

  2. Without bananas in the house you could try 1/2 cup of unsweet apple sauce (1/4 cup to rep 1 egg) and it works good too. I use applesauce to replace eggs in my pancake mix i buy at walmart

  3. That looks delicious ….how did it taste…..girl you ROCK ….you make me tried just watching & hearing all you do….😱….you look great and take such great care of your family & home ….make sure you rest & take care of yourself that's the most important thing without mommy all things fall apart🙏… remember you are beautiful just the way you are ❤️

  4. I look forward to your posts on your channel Putting together meals your post start work out and how your family doing is so relaxing as well I enjoy learning how to put those vegan meals together so I can start my Journey for health living thank you 💪

  5. Go girl! My son is 16 months. I've been a Fitness Professional for 15 years. Get a couple of kettlebells. They are great for getting in quick, high intensity, no impact workouts. I know jumping is tricky shortly after I used to do 15-20 min bursts while he was in the baby swing just looking at me…probably questioning my parenting skills😂

  6. I love your videos, I'm expecting twins in September (ftm) so watching you with your kids is very inspirational. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach so really want to get back in shape but also don't want to rush it as I will hopefully be breast feeding and I want my skin to return back slowly so it's not too loose. Trying to make videos too but I'm very new at it. Keep up the great work 😚

  7. Love this! We are a newly vegan family and I’m constantly looking for new recipes
    Also would love to see cleaning videos from you! We are due with baby #3 any day now so I’m always curious how/what other mamas do

  8. I have a quick question, when I went vegan all I kept seeing in my research was "protein, protein protein!". Why are vegans obsessed with protein? I'll be honest, I fell into the trap of having protein tunnel vision..I was cooking things that consisted of high protein meals. I ended up becoming sick, lightheaded and just feeling unhappy and tired all the time. I started to follow other people who went fully in depth about nutrition and balancing out all meals, now I'm finally feeling great about being vegan. Not that you weren't doing a good job, that's not what I'm trying to say. I find your channel because you're vegan and a mom, like myself, and probably many others. Would you consider adding in the nutritional benefits of your meals? I don't really buy processed food like veggie meat, tofu or hardly anything packaged for that matter, it doesn't feel right even thought it's vegan. I went vegan for health reasons and our environment, so the mesh bags you talked about really do help! I've even got some friends to consider using them as well. Thank you 👍

  9. I've been waiting for another fitness video! Thank you! I'm still on my fitness journey but am moving out of state in 2 days with our 2 yr old and 8 month old and I've been so stressed that I've been screwing up here and there……any tips on moving and staying on track?

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