Fitness Workout for Women

Upper Body HIIT Workout for Women

This Upper Body HIIT Workout is broken into three circuits; each circuit has two strength exercises and one HIIT/cardio exercise.

Complete 12 repetitions of each strength exercise and 45 seconds of each HIIT/cardio exercise followed by 15 seconds rest.

Complete x2 sets of each circuit before moving onto the next circuit.

Equipment: Medium set of dumbbells


Circuit One:
1. Strength 12 Reps: Single, Single, Double Shoulder Press
2. Strength 12 Reps: Around the World Bicep Curls
3. Cardio 45 Sec: Press + Punch Jacks
X2 Sets

Circuit Two:
1. Strength 12 Reps: Renegade Row
2. Strength 12 Reps: Chest Fly
3. Cardio 45 Sec: Burpee Curl + Press
X2 Sets

Circuit Three:
1. Strength 12 Reps: Skull Crusher Triceps
2. Strength 12 Reps: Superman Hyperextensions
3. Cardio 45 Sec: Plank Jack + Tuck
X2 Sets

**See video for complete workout and proper exercise form.

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