Fitness Workout for Women


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  1. Does anyone think having a shake right after the workout may add unnecessary calories causing weight gain? I usually wait about an hour after working out (shower, make dinner), but I'm always sooo hungry! A protein shake may be a good in between but I wouldn't want to it to result in weight gain!

  2. Your muscles really don't need that much protein. All the excess protein you're intaking is just turning into fatty acids to feed your adipose tissues. Plus you should try to avoid protein shakes with milk (whey) as milk is an empty calorie food and only contributes to fat gain. But otherwise great video, will definitely try these workouts! (:

  3. Hey Tammy, great video ! I'm currently breastfeeding my baby & i had just purchased the women's best protein bundle! it is it ok to use while breast feeding though as I've seen you use it ? :)

  4. I love people like her that work for the body they want and work meaning by exercising not get paid and paying for it like you go girl you have hella patience and motivation

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