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Real food = Real results. When your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state is in alignment everyday is a good day. Health is wealth 🙂

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  1. Hi KC, I have just started at the gym with a personal trainer. Worked out for a long time but mainly cardio and now want to actually get in shape. Have eaten vegan for a long time but a lot of it processed etc and just not generally good for health/my body (and the way my body looks). I look like a potato lol. Now the problem is that my personal trainer KEEPS hammering home about protein. Every day I track my macros for him and he is still saying MORE PROTEIN. What ratio of protein to fats and carbs would you reccommend? And also what are the best vegan high protein foods? I'm struggling to find good proteins which aren't either high in (a) carbs or (b) fat. I'm asking you because I've watched you for ages and value your advice over my personal trainer who hammers home that I should be eating lots of eggs, chicken and fish (cries – he doesn't have a clue about how bad those foods are). I want to change my body and the way I look so badly but am never going to be eating animal products to do that. Please help!!!!!!

  2. protein and carb nutritions please
    if that's really high protein it's will be always my meal
    cause i'm sleeve gastrectomy patient , i can't eat too much
    but your meal i believe i can eat it without any problems

  3. looking into broadening my scope on everything vegan and glad to have found your channel, subbed and looking forward to your uploads…. great energy and positivity, good look keep up bro

  4. Thanks for these videos. This particular one actually shows a couple of important things i'm missing in my life: a good connection with my girlfriend and working out together and the determination to keep making healthy food for myself…

  5. Nice video. Great looking post workout meal.
    What would be great is if you could use cronometer or another program and show the macro's on the meal and show the calories and macro's you eat for a day for physic training.

  6. Love your videos very inspirational. I like your humble and happy demeanor. Come on people let's spread the word about this guy he deserves more subscribers and views, let's make it happen.

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