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VEGAN High Protein Post Workout Meal | Chest Workout

This video includes my chest workout plus an awesome Asian Style Taco that’s packed with plant strong protein and incredible flavor.

Taco Ingredients:
Corn Tortillas
Homemade Teriyaki Sauce – Linked here:
Green Onion

30 Easy Vegan Meals In 30 Days:

More Easy & Delicious Vegan Recipes & Foods:

What I Eat Vegan:

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  1. Jeff, you exude such peace.. it's wonderful…I was thinking how quiet it is at your gym.. they are usually so noisy you can't think straight if you wanted to! Thank you for the videos!

  2. About the only thing wrong with Maxwell is that he ain't vegan ; ) I like your sensible approach to working out now, and the recipe looks delish, and I don't even like tempeh! TFP
    : )

  3. Good stuff as usual. What do you use to shoot your videos? The picture is so clear and well lit (though I'm sure you aren't using a lighting kit). Keep up the great work.

  4. love your vibe, so peaceful! i've been trying to live more in the moment as well so i'll turn off the wifi & mobile data in my cell while at the gym so i focus only in the excercises ????????

  5. I would love to challenge you to figure a recipe for corn tortillas (I hope gluten free as well)cause they simply don't exist in the island where I live.Nice post workout meal keep up the good work and good luck!!!

  6. Great video Jeff! I will definitely show it to my husband who is starting to work out again but has little time to do it during the week, I also loved the taco idea, looks delicious!
    I was wondering, does your wife work out as well? if she does, I'm curious on her workout routine, idk if maybe you could share a little bit about it, you know that sometimes women have different goals in mind when it comes to working out, even though I've taken really good ideas from your videos I'm just curious about her. Thanks again for the video! 🙂

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