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I hope you guys enjoy these vegan pre and post workout meal ideas! RECIPE INFO BELOW

Falafel recipe I used:

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  1. I wish my smoothies would come out that thick for smoothie bowls but my blender will not blend unless it's like halfway filled with liquid 🙄 I'll definitely have to invest in a better blender when I live on my own!

  2. Hey that looks good. I would love a Vegan meal myself, but can't do anything to eat that way. I just wishful thinking alot about it. My Mom doesn't seem to take me sesrously about it. But anyways, at least I can buy my own fruit when I get paid.

  3. You are literally a life saver! I have been trying to go vegan for such a long time but I have no idea how to cook simple meals and I'm lazy as shit. I've been looking everywhere for filling vegan recipes but its all either snacks or takes an hour to make. Anyway, thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for these recipes. I am a vegetarian right now but I am cutting back dairy and all animal products slowly. your recipes help a ton!

  5. Could you please do a vegan recipe on Artichoke dip? I got one from Costco but I saw it had Raw egg whites in it (I'm not vegan though it just grosses me out that it was raw) I LOVE your videos and it inspires me to eat healthier 🙂

  6. Hi Liv.
    My goal in life is becoming a vegan, I'm 16 years old and I have parents that don't believe being vegan is healthy so they don't support me. Can you give me some tips to enter to the vegan life? Please. I really need some guidance. Thank you.

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