Workout Meals

VEGAN Pre/Post Workout Meals + BACK WORKOUT & Slippery Olives

Back & Biceps workout with pre and post workout vegan meals. Building muscle and strength on a plant based diet.

***Most of this workout was inspired by Fraser Bayley of with some of my own additions and subtractions for today’s workout***

Homemade Hummus Recipe:
What I Eat Vegan Series:
Healthy Delicious Vegan Recipes:

Fraser Bayley Contact:
Plant Strong Fitness Training programs:!training-nutrition-programs/c2nv

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  1. Jeff , what type/brand of pita bread is that? And what is that thing you use for the green tea. Never seen that before.
    Thanks for everything you do. You've inspired me to become vegan and I hope to do the same for others around me too. Thanks Jeff!

  2. If you wanna try a new technique to really focus on those biceps and tear them apart. Lie on the floor in front of the cable machine and use the cables for curls but while lying down, the fact that you cant cheat and the tension from the cable is insane!

  3. I post this comment at almost every channel featuring cooking demos, so please don't be offended: Please, anchor that cutting board at 00:34 with a dampened paper towel before you hurt yourself or someone else! Workout looks brutal, but it's working, and the post-workout meal must be worth it–YUM!!! Thanks for posting. : )

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