Workout Meals

VEGAN Pre/Post-Workout Meals + CHEST WORKOUT

How you train and how you eat should help you with your health and fitness goals. In this video I show a pre & post workout vegan meal and a current chest workout (as my workouts evolve and change).These meals and workout are designed to help me during my bulk phase.

Blueberry Teff Pancakes:
Homemade Teriyaki Sauce:
What I Eat Series:…
Easy, Delicious Vegan Recipes Series:…

Fraser Bayley – Plant Strong Fitness:
facebook group:…

***If you are new to weight training it is advised to consult with a fitness trainer on the best way to start your resistance training program****

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  1. No meat .not dairy pruducts .not eggs .4 months
    and counting till the rest of my life .we all deserve to live as one . it doesn't matter how we see it .but its just a logical thing to be . thank you Jeff

  2. Hey Jeff! Thanks for your info 🙂
    I just want to ask, as I'm making the leap from vegetarianism.. Well pescetarianism.. How do you get your Omega3? Do you supplement at all?

    My issue is that Omega3 particularly from fish oil has helped me stave off depression and keep a stable mood for as long as I have been actively seeking more Omega3 in my diet. Without it I feel I might slide back in to a bad head space.. But from what I know, plant based Omega3 cannot be converted efficiently in to EPA and DHA. I think the conversion rate from ALA to the active EPA and DHA is only 8%.

    Any advice or information you have would be awesome!
    Thanks for doing what you do and sharing workout tips to!
    Your a genie!

  3. my only problem is, when i was vegan i was always hungry, now matter how much beans and rice i ate, im still hungry. when i eat meat i feel satiated eating less calories. if i ate 700 calories worth of veggie im still hungry, but if i ate 300 calories of meat im full. sorry but veganisim isnt for everyone :(

  4. vegan men r a lot sexier… jus for the very fact that they r humane…. I am a budding vegan too n my luv for body building n staying fit has increased a lot. jus one question though if i take a plant bases protien powder like pea protien or brown rice protien jus to ensure i get the complete amount of protien needed, is dat fine??

  5. sometimes after full workout i just feel like i have made no effort and like i have no progress but sometimes i just feel amazing although my progress dont khow if i even have some sometimes i feel that i waste time altough i started going to the gym 4 times a week before i went 3 times and after a workout i run like 20 min to 30 min as erobics

    i dont khow what slows my progress or its my food or i just feel like im doing something wrong

  6. Hey, Jeff!
    I've been enjoying your channel and I also follow you on Facebook. Thanks for all the tips and recipes, they're very inspiring.
    As for the training you're showing on this video, I was wondering if you do the drop set on every set or only the last one?
    Thanks for sharing man!

  7. Salutations all the way from Canada my brother ☺
    I changed my way from a meat eating life to a vegan life since January 2nd 2016 and so far it's awesome.
    Made a lot of research on vegan health benefits, Meat eating diseases, vegan recipes, Cooked vs Raw vegan, etc.
    I should start working out for real. I'm not an overweight type of guy, more of a tall and close to slim guy (6"5) (204 lb). But I need to gain some muscle weight. I can't even run a good distance without starting to chest pain at the end by just breathing. And I don't even know when to eat certain type of foods on a day. My life is like starting with my left foot while I'm conscious of only half of the picture on top of that. Kinda sucks.
    So my question will be: How big does an Vegan person of my height needs to eat on a pre-workout, post-workout and some tricks to ease your sugar craves ?
    Thanks and keep it "V".

  8. Jeff you rock brother. I'm an instant fan. Thanks for the inspiration. I've been vegan for just about 2 months and this video gives me the support I need to know I'm moving in the right direction.

  9. Great video. Looking forward to making my own teriyaki. Question, im 5 ft 8 and 180 pounds. I've put on some muscle over the last 6 months. My bmi has gone way down. Now I'm thinking I want to cut to get my last 10 pounds off and then bulk up. Do you recommend cutting before bulking ?

  10. How much cardio do you do ??? As a soccer player can I achieve your physique. Is it possible to do cardio and weight training at the same type. And can you lose weight and build muscle at the same time ?? Am looking into Turing vegan

  11. Just checked out Plant Strong Fitness and I am very impressed! Thanks for the recommendation! It's so motivating and inspiring to see you able to build muscle and build strength with a plant-based, whole foods diet without powders or supplements. I want to make the transition to veganism and your videos and recipes are so helpful! Thanks!

  12. I used to by caroub syrup but since i watch your videos i wanted to try the date syrup !
    just bought it yesterday and mixed it with tahini = litteraly moreish, you should try :)

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