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Vithya’s Basic Workout Plan | Vithya Hair and Makeup Artist

A basic gym workout you can do at home. I am not a professional, so these are just some basics I was hoping would inspire people to do at home using cans, rice bags, or even lifting your children hehe

I used to be a size 14 and with regular exercise and healthy eating I dropped down to a size 10. I will do another vlog on healthy eating, but please visit my blog on to read more on specific exercises and about diets.

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  1. Yayyy!! I was kinda waiting for this one. And yes.. do make a video on healthy eating! As of now I'm soo kicked to go to my gym (PS: it's 8:40 PM in India :P).. As always.. loved it. Congrats on 70k subscribers.. Love n luck. XOXO

  2. Hey vithya I just love the way u r, I love ur makeup. how did u learn professional makeup? thanks for replying for my last question, that was so sweet????

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