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WEEKEND VLOG | Healthy meals, moving into our new office & leg workout

Hi Youtube! 👋 Here’s a weekend vlog for you!
Me and Matt just moved into a new office space and we bring you along! 😁
Hope you enjoy this weekend of healthy meals and a killer leg workout!

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WAG – Working Against Gravity
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Thanks for watching! ❤️

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  1. Sick video 🙌. It’s hard to find fitness content that’s straight to the point like this. Keep it up!!!, would you mind checking out my channel? I’m definitely gonna be staying tuned on yours 👀

  2. Congratulations on the new office! 🙂
    May I also add that you definitely look like you've lost some bodyfat as your physique looks noticeably slimmer and a lot more athletic. Keep it up 'cos you're doing really good! 🙂
    *please hi-5 Matt for me* He's a good egg.

  3. This was an awesome post, one of your best actually; the food looked amazing, the content is funny and fun, sweet and informative. Congrats on the new office, that place is gorgeous! You both look incredible and happy as always.

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