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Weight Gain For Beginners 2 “The Workout Plan”

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  1. Hey Jen, thank you so much for your videos! What I would find interesting as well is, how sauna after workout effects muscle recovery and overall results.
    I will keep watching you ;)

  2. Would you suggest cutting to a lower body fat so you don't have to lose so much after the bulk or can just go straight to a cut wherever you are physically? Personal preference?

  3. Jen i don't agree re the cardio. You need to do cardio for a good healthy heart… I have done 3 cardio sessions a week and managed to gain a lot of muscle and loose fat in the last 14 weeks (shown in my bodytrax scans). As long as you eat more on the days you do cardio (like good carbs) you will be fine! i make sure i have an extra shake and some rice cakes post workout on those days too. Would you agree?

  4. So basically, as a distance runner, it would be almost impossible for me to bulk up a bit as I do cardio 4 times a week?, or would it be still possible to add a bit of muscle?, mainly glutes?

  5. I have a question. So when you rest between sets does that count towards the 1 hour training? Or is the 1 hour strictly the work out only not including rest times?

  6. This is exactly what i just started doing. Im trying to fix a broken metabolism & gain muscle. Its so hard & the body is so complicated. Thank you for doing this series!!!!

  7. Jen!! for someone deciding whether to cut or to bulk what do you recommend? i have a 25% BF but idk if it makes more sense to cut to lower bf% then bulk or to bulk where it adds more BF% then cut??

  8. Okay, so after watching this video I have finally decided I need to start on BCAA'S. I worked out glutes on Saturday am, and just now feeling as though I can do legs again. Thanks for yet again another amazing informative video. Kru is the cutest btw, what a mama's boy. :)

  9. I'm trying to add the most amount of mass to my glutes so I shouldn't do my glute isolation exercises first when my glycogen stores are highest?
    Also if I'm doing two rest days per week, does it matter if it's two days in a row?

  10. Ugh Kru melts my heart the way at he stares at you . He loves his momma!
    Ps. You looks so lean. I can notice it in your face as well! Kept up the amazing work! Love your channel and IG : )

  11. Jen, I'm trying to loose stubborn belly fat and tighten loose skin from pregnancy. I'm already 115 and would like to bulk. Should I do cardio like 5x week until I loose the belly fat then start "no cardio" bulk?

  12. I'm a bit confused when you said to concentrate on a particular muscle let's say quads, do I train that muscle area everyday if I go to the gym 5x a week or I can alternate every other day and do some other muscle group? please clarify thank you ur d bomb… love ya

  13. this was so helpful. i have so much trouble gaining! is it okay to do something not related to the muscle you're working in the 1-2min rest between sets? like situps, or pushups if you're doing legs…? or should you just basically do nothing? :)

  14. Thank you for this series. I'm learning so much!! I need it and I think you motivated me to go to the gym today. I haven't been in a long time. Can you do a mock DITL of a beginner showing foods and exercises?

  15. Hey dear , can u plz talk about varicose veins and if strength training get them worse ?! I start to notice them in my legs alot and they getting large even im losing weight and workout

  16. I am currently bulking (4 months) and all the information you've given so far on bulking is relatable and true. I can tell you're really educated and believe/trust every word you say and so far I think I'm doing really well based on everything you said. It couldn't have come at a better time either cause I was actually wondering about training to build muscle. Thank you for the helpful tips! <3

  17. Hey Jen, I have noticed that in your description box you wrote "Train with MY on your phone" when refering to your 8 week challenge. I don't know if that's on porpuse or not, I just wanted to make you aware and ask if this was meant that way.
    Have a great day. Greetings from Germany! :)

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