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Hey hey! Welcome back! Today I’m showing you a typical what I eat before and after the gym. Both could be considered “breakfasts”, and both are gluten free and “plant-based” (With the exception of the Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread, all ingredients are vegan. So if you are vegan just swap this out for a different bread!).

I show you the macros in this video, but keep in mind everyone’s macros will be different depending on their personal goals. I’m currently on a bulk to build some lean muscle, which means I am eating in a caloric surplus. I don’t strictly track anymore, I did it for a while back in the day so I have a general idea of what’s in my food. I just throw a day in the tracker now and then to make sure my meals have been basically structured to get enough cals and protein for my goals. I could really care less about the carb to fat ratio, just depends on what I’m wanting that day. 😌

Recipes for Oatmeal and Smoothie and the Shoulder Workout are down below!


55-60 g oats
2 tbs ground flax
1 cup plant milk
Stir and microwave
1/2 cup strawbs
1/2 tbs enjoy life semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 packet stevia
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Tropical Green Protein Smoothie

1/2 cup plant milk
1/2 cup water
1 serving plant protein powder
35-40 g spinach
1/2 cup pineapple
1/2 banana

Shoulder Work-Out

Side Lat Raise: 4 x 12
Front Lat Raise: 4 x 12
Around the Worlds: 3 x 12
Shoulder Press: 4 x 12
Rear Delt Raise: 4 x 12
Close-Grip Upright Row: 4 x 12
Face Pulls: 4 x 12

Enjoy! Xo

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Musician: LiQWYD

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Musician: Jeff Kaale

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Musician: Carl Storm

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