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WHAT I EAT (VEGAN) – Post Workout Meal

Used to seeing protein shakes? Used to seeing large amounts of animal or “vegan” protein post workout? You may be surprised at what you see in this video. This is truly how I eat and have no problem putting on muscle and staying lean at the same time.

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  1. my problem with just throwing stuff together and not counting calories is I can't gain weight doing that since going vegan. I feel like I have to keep track of food to make sure I eat in a surplus. any tips to help me gain strength and size on a vegan diet?

  2. I agree with your philosophy on not worrying about carbs, macros etc, because whole foods supply the body with nutrients. when you eat processed foods, you become nutrient deficient. you've got the right idea and I wish this trend would spread widely. go vegan!!

  3. Finally someone who isn't fastidious as far as macros are concerned. Eat, exercise, sleep, live, be happy. Too many people miss out on life because they're too busy counting the minutes

  4. My mang jeff don't give a care for that protein amount. is that you john wayne is this me ?. jeff the most loved vegan potato on youtube 0 dislikes on every video my mang

  5. I love all of your content. Please note.. I'm not challenging you but I eat nothing processed every day but obsessively track my macros paired with a very active exercise schedule. So if I stop tracking and continue to eat unprocessed foods, I won't have to worry about weight gain?

  6. people really speak trash on veganbodybuilders so weird but well i was in gym for like only 2 mounths i can see some results i can do stuff i couldent but i want to see in a year and more im intrested biceps are realy hard to train triceps are nice i want to foucs on those and a vegab diet with low oil sherdssss fat

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