Workout Meals

WHAT I EAT VEGAN Pre/Post Workout + Awesome Recipe

Vegan pre & post workout meals, my progress and an awesome recipe!!

What I Eat Vegan Series:

Easy Delicious Vegan Recipes:

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  1. Hey Jeff, the post workout meal looks tasty and nutritious, with one exception: the reheated rice. It's dangerous to reheat rice because the Bacillus cereus spores survive heating, and warm leftovers are the perfect breeding ground for the spores to grow into very nasty bacteria. If you've got rice leftovers in future dump 'em, and make fresh the next day if you want rice again. Keep up the good work, and definitely do more day of eating vids please!

  2. you look like someone on hormone replacement therapy. People your age with your leanness are usually on some kind of hormone replacement. it's real easy to get testosterone at your age.

  3. Hi Jeff
    Loving you sooooo much!! You are the most kind youtuber i've ever seen, no one of. I have a question, why you never eat processed oil? Does it harmful to you?

  4. Hi Jeff, I just found your channel and love the content. Also I just realized you live in Israel which is a plus for me since I've been living here for the past 4 years or so and I might need some tips. I have some hard time finding the right products on the supermarket since all the labels are in Hebrew (yes I still can't read Hebrew 🙂 ). Chag Sameach.

  5. i find it hard to get in calories on my plant based diet… i went plant based (vegan for the most part) because of vegan gains solid arguments against meat.. i stopped eating meat and dropped about 7 lbs in fat/water in a couple weeks. i thought "wow look at my gains" bc my body fat % was lower and i could finally see muscle. now, however, im at 180 lbs and have not budged the slightest in a month and a half, eating only vegan foods. im 6'3, and my recommended caloric intake is like 3000 calories a day. i dont think im getting that everyday. its so hard bc plants are such low cal foods. how do u get in your calories?? how many do you eat in a day? i want to get my weight up to atleast 190-195 and have not been able to even budge a pound on plant based diet, even sometimes looking like ive lost a bit of my muscle.. thinking of going pescetarian and seeing if that helps. great channel tho btw

  6. I am so glad you don't do that intermittent fasting bs…. just fast @ night when your like supposed to duh! We should focus lots on food and eat as often as just like our closest like primates or whatever… makes since to me. Any ways you do such wonderful videos!!

  7. Food looks so good! And I tried the way you make hummus in a previous video too, owe I just ate it with a spoon out of the bowl ????! Thanks for sharing all your tips! I've given up added oils to my food and I'm leaning up a bit. I watched forks over knives a while back and of course knew added oils weren't ideal but your videos made that really stick! You rock dude! ????????

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