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  1. Okay, so my main goals are to build strength, lose this extra fat I have, and gain endurance. I've been running a circuit that's 30sec work / 20sec rest with 8 different exercises and 3 rounds in all. I haven't included many strength building with long rests. I would love some input as to how to advance toward my goals. Any advice would be awesome!

  2. Greetings El Eggs,i watch your videos all the time,you guys are great!I train different things and my sessions vary from one to the other,but whether i'm training for muscle hypertrophy,endurance,skill or strength,i still notice muscle gains over time…i mean whatever i do my muscles grow little by little,no matter if i'm doing planche,hand stand or pull ups…so my question is:How does that actually work?Thanks.

  3. I get the whole rep range thing If i was to increase my volume with calisthenics. But do you guys mix sets from different exercises or do you just go and finish your 4 sets (or whatever) for one exercise and then move to the next one?
    Thanks in advance and keep strong

  4. i understand both systems, theyre both useful, in american, inches and feet r very useful, theyre the in between measurements, in metric, you would have to use more centimeters and a fraction of a meter to measure something in comparison. lets face it, you wont be using decimeters and whatnot unless ur a scientist

  5. Hi, I really like that your videos are scientifically more rigorous than most channels out there. A quick question: with body weight only (no dumbbells etc), how does one train with 65%~85% RM for hypertrophy and 85%+ for intramuscular coordination? With standard push ups and pull ups, very quickly one's body weight will be lower than 65% RM. I know there are different styles of push ups and pulls ups that are harder, but how to get the desired percentage of RM (even just roughly in a range) is foggy to me. Also, I know my maximum rep with body weight pull ups but I don't know my RM.

  6. Don't get me wrong, but your voice is somehow so soothing that I can hardly keep focus on all that information. I hope you don't mind me writing down some timestamps.
    0:00 introduction and general information
    1:13 goal 1: maximum strength aka intramuscular coordination
    2:34 intensity – reps – time under tension
    3:35 goal 2: building muscle mass aka hypertrophy
    4:29 intensity – reps – time under tension
    6:32 goal 3: skill aka intermuscular coordination
    8:49 goal 4: strength indurance
    9:13 intensity – reps – time under tension
    10:32 conclusion and goal combinations

  7. hey, i checked out your webside. what routine should i use if i want to build muscle? im 14 years old and not that strong so i Was going to start the beginner routine but i fint know if that builds muscle. please help

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