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Whole Foods Post Workout Meal

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  1. Fun video. Great Alex joining you. I'm just like him. Back in my "fat" days, my natural inclination was to grab the milk when I was eating goodies like that; it's like the "cookies and milk" thing lol…These days I can't and don't even buy things like that any more…

  2. Dude, it's 2:26 AM and I'm tempted to make some dumplings. I should've waited to watch this while eating breakfast. And it's so crazy that you spent $24 on three items. That $24 could buy like a week's worth of food at Kroger.

  3. As soon as you pulled out those peanut butter crisps I was like mmm I could go for those right nowwwww, especially frozen!! And then you frozeeee them! I always freeze chocolatey stuff like that lol. gooood call! haha =)

  4. This was a good idea to post. It really reminds us that sometimes slipping off of our typical diet is often not even worth it. Whenever I cheat it makes me feel terrible in contrast to my usual diet of virtually no processed foods.

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