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Why Workout Programs Fail (PRO STRENGTH COACHES REVEAL!)

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Just because you do a workout program doesn’t mean it’s going to work! One of the biggest misconceptions about working out is that you can do whatever you like and think that you’ll get the same results as someone who is doing what is right. There are so many workout plans that focus so much on doing more without ever paying attention to the value of doing less.

To address this issue, pro strength coaches Jeff Cavaliere and Rick Slate got together at the 2014 MLB Winter Meetings to discuss the major mistakes holding back natural drug free lifters from seeing the results they should from their workouts. First on that list is an inattention to rest and recovery. Everyone always concentrates on the action part of a workout. That is the part that stimulates muscle growth and performance, however without a period of rest and muscle recovery the adaptations cannot take place.

As Rick points out, great measures are taken to ensure that this component is not overlooked at the major league level with the Braves. In fact, it not only applies to the strength training and workout side of things but also the nutrition and supplementation. Supplements that promote recovery (such as the ATHLEAN-Rx MECHAN-X joint recovery formula does for joints) are and will continue to be at the forefront of sports supplementation moving forward.

You simply cannot ignore the importance of muscle repair and sleep if you want to speed up the muscle building and performance gains you see from your training. Even though it is often a hard concept to grasp for those that grew up doing 30 plus set workouts and spending 2 hours a day at the gym, it doesn’t make it any less important to correct your line of thought now.

Muscles need proper stimulus through hard but efficient training, solid nutrition, and recovery to grow as quickly and fully as genetically possible. If you ignore the parts of this equation that are not as attractive since they require no action, you’ll quickly see how big a workout mistake and fail this would be towards your results.

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  1. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS! I have never done 3 sets of 25 pound curls before going to my girlfriends house or the shopping centre. Nope, neeever "the sarcasm is strong in this one"

  2. You should sell your programming to Arsenal F.C. in the Premier League…. They consistently have the most hamstring and calf injuries and its been a horrible trend over the last five years

    -An Arsenal Fan and Loyal Team Athlean Member

  3. lol baseball.. spend most of the game standing around I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO, FINALLY SMART PEOPLE WHO TALK ABOUT REST AND RECOVERY! YES! IT'S ABOUT TIME! (did you read my e-book? "how to be in great shape" haha – find it on That being said, baseball is kind of easy, I mean I get bored as hell playing that sport.. There is a reason there are 162 games in a season (because you stand around a lot and there is usually no contact) haha. (save the pitcher of course!!!).

  4. Is there a such thing as running too much or doing to much cardio? Reason I ask is because no matter what day it is I always implement running in every day of working out. I only lift weights every other day 3 times a week. Unfortunately this is all I have time for. Busy life…….

  5. hey jeff can you make a video about soy protein because ive been hearing that soy protein is bad if your a guy beacuse it mimicks strogen but then i heard that soy protein is really good that it doesnt cause any harm if your a guy but i just wanna know an answer to that 

  6. Jeff if you have lacking muscles.. Would you say it is necessary to work that muscle group twice or even three times a week, or is 1 dedicated day A week enough?
    And also is training the larger muscle groups like back and legs needed to be trained twice as much as the smaller ones for maximum muscle growth?? 

  7. I dont do all the science shit. I work out as if im a 200lb bodybuilder and get plenty gains.

    I only rest when my arms are sore. Then after two or three days i come back and usually end up being able to lift heavier.


  8. If you spend a lot of time recovering doing things like yoga, and foam rolling. I find you can increase the workload either intensity of frequency. Unfortunately for most people its not ideal because of the time consumption. For serious athletes though it can be a slight edge you have in the weight room.

  9. Hi Jeff, I'm following you since a couple of days and I wanted to thank you for your great work in divulgation.
    I wanted to ask you if you can make a video with a total body static and dinamic stretching routine. Thank you again!

  10. Phisical Resting is key. But I have discoreved that mental resting is even more important!. If you have the luxury to metally rest and phisically rest, you will be hitting the ball out of the park!


  11. I saw some debate in the comments between bodyweight training supporters and weight lifting supporters. I can not understand why it must be one way or another. Why someone can not do both? Each has its pros

  12. Jeff, great video. I have used your supplements for quite a while and I think they are absolutely great. It would be great if you could address one of these two questions (or both). Are you planning to release a new flavor for the RX series? As pleased customer I keep using the RX supplements but it would be great to change the flavor every once in a while without having to change to another line while trying to get the same things that I get in my RX supplements. TWO, could you address why it is that the post workout supplement does not have insulinotropic carbohydrates for a better absorption of the amino acids. Thank you.


  13. I've been doing Insanity Asylum for the past year and a half and it's the best thing that ever happened to me honestly. Amazing results with both strength and cardio

  14. Hey Jeff, love your training program and videos but will the price on your supplements go down anytime soon? I'd love to try them but as a college student I can't afford to drop $130 for 30 servings of preworkout, postworkout, and recovery. Thanks!

  15. I train hard weights and have been throwing in lots of exercises Jeff has shown on his videos aswell. I work nights gym 5 mornings a week and sleep 5-6hrs a day b4 work great at night again. But I never seen to get sore muscles except for in my legs. I train hard but not always long usually an hr maybe a little more when training with a friend but not much longer. I push myself very hard and I'm always told I don't rest enough by ppl. Yet I'm never sore is that meaning my body doesn't require as much rest to recover? Cause I think know I should get more rest I just don't have time between everything.
    And no I don't take any illegal supplements for quicker recovery.
    I push hard I lift heavy I watch my form carefully. I grow but never hurt in my muscles or joints? Any ideas why? Anyone at all?

  16. i wish i could find a free, real, effective, bodybuilder routine for a natural lifter, theres sooooo many on the internet, damn… i can work for the rest, is just that i havent found THE PROGRAM.

  17. Man, it makes so much sense.. I totally identified with what Rick was talking about when he mentioned that "It's simple, but it's not easy". And likewise when Jeff talks about consistency with the older bloke in the gym who's had a plan for years and stuck to it. I think this is what I struggle with the most. My intentions are always good but there'll be times when life gets in the way.. and then either my nutrition, workouts or rest/sleep consistency takes a hit… But the more I think about it the more I realise that it's not that life is getting in the way, it's that I'm allowing life to get in the way. After all, I'm the one that's in control! I quit smoking 6 months ago and haven't looked back. And from this success I have this desire now to be the healthiest I can possible be, and make my health a core part of my lifestyle. I've only just gone through the first 4 weeks of AX1 and barely made the 17 minute mark on Friday's 400 challenge…. but I'm going to repeat the first few weeks and come back stronger! Good thing is, I know I'm getting better. Thanks for the vids Jeff, you keep inspiring me to take things to the next level!

  18. 1. Nutrition
    2. Supplements
    3. Training
    4. Quality rest

    For us who love training (not professional athletes) we just have to balance. Good nutrition and Supplements cost money, and having a quality rest means time. Sometimes we don't have that because we work/study 🙁  … step by step I guess 

  19. In my case, I do believe more IS better. But in a certain way. I don't workout for 2 hours at a time, just 40 minutes. But I try to cramp up as much work as I can into those 40 minutes as well as supplementing with more training like swimming and body weight workouts.
    I just find that it helps me build much more muscle in short periods of time.
    Though I don't do it for too long. I usually do it for a couple of weeks and then change my training completely.

  20. I'm pleased two industry professionals are reinforcing the idea that over training does exist. It annoys me when people, usually bodybuilders say that if you're not working out for at least a few hours each day you're lazy. Such BS. Even Dorian Yates a former multiple winner at the Mr Olympia says over training exists and yet you still have these "Hardcore" guys calling others lazy because they get their workouts done in around 40 minutes. 

  21. Good video and I agree about rest and recovery! Just one question I've always wondered, why is it that gymnasts can train daily with out resting and still build muscle and strength, my friend is a gymnast and he very rarely has one day off and he's ripped ? 

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