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Why Your Workout Plan isn’t Working (HARSH TRUTH!!)

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If you are not seeing the consistent results you should be from your workout plan then this video is for you. There is no lack of short term fixes available for us who want to burn fat, get ripped and build muscle. The problem is just that, they are only built to work for the short term and not meant to deliver long lasting results.

I can actually tell you that much of this failure has to do with the methods you are following. Not just that, but if you want to get ripped and stay that way 365 days a year you have to stop focusing only on your workouts and start concentrating on the other often times much more important things.

If you work out for one hour at a time, you know that it takes a certain level of commitment to make sure you stay consistent with them. You know that in order to see results from your workout plan that you have to show up and perform your workout with a high enough level of intensity to ensure that you do. That said, after you are done, there are still 23 hours left in the day and that is where most people mess up on their way to a ripped body.

In the remainder of the day that you aren’t actually working out you can do a lot of damage to undo lots of your positive efforts. In order to build muscle and burn fat all year long you can quickly see that the time that you spend away from the gym is perhaps even more important if for no other reason that it amounts to a lot of time when you consider the big picture.

Nutrition plays a key role in how you look there is no doubt about that. Too often, people resort to phony diet plans and short term fixes that help them to lose weight and burn fat for a few weeks or maybe even a few months. As soon as they can no longer stick to the drudgery of the routine they are following, they often times not only crash and fall back to their bad habits but because of the faulty plans they were following along the way, have set themselves up for even more failure.

If you want a complete workout and nutrition plan that helps you to not only get ripped and build muscle but to keep it year round, then head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. The power of ATHLEAN-X is that it not only gets you a complete athletically built body but it makes it so simple to keep it for the rest of your life.

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  1. Well Jeff, what I can say instead of I love you? Hah… Well i don't have money to follow you'r program but I'm happy seying you here. You are giving so much to me with this videos I did left a tear on this one! Thank you for this passion and for what you'r giving to me!

  2. I love this guy. You can just tell he's intelligent. Dude, you are the only person I believe when it comes to working out. I make it a point to watch one video of yours everyday so that I can be smarter about my program and work-outs. You are such a big help!

  3. The only way to be consistent is to enjoy what you do. If your diet makes you feel like it is a chore, then you're not going to keep at it. If your workout feels like a chore, you're going to skip it.

    Enjoy the egg yolks, enjoy the maple syrup in your porridge, enjoy the occasional cheat pizza. Just keep it in moderation. one teaspoon of maple syrup makes that breakfast enjoyable – you will want to keep doing it. One teaspoon of that syrup is about 60-75 calories. That isn't going to make or break your entire diet.

    I'd rather have a bit more bodyfat but enjoy every breakfast, than have a little less bodyfat while sliding down yet another bowl of tasteless sludge.

    Enjoyable diets will be consistent.

    Have to admit I am not rockin in at the same bf% as Jeff here, but hey I am probably only about 3-4% off, I am happy, and enjoy the "bulky" look, and most importantly, I can keep that up for years (12 years this summer).

  4. Am i the only one who doesnt have a "program", may it be training or nutrition wise?

    Like i know exactly what i am supposed to do and what my plan for the gym is today. Why would i need to write that down?

  5. the simpler the better . eat at a calorie deficit if you wanna loose weight, eat at a 200 calorie surplus to build muscle and eat maintenance to maintain. to build muscle focus on strength. I've been working out for about 10 years and have tried several different training styles and programmes, I have made many mistakes along the way but have learnt from them. no matter what some YouTube person says it's good to always think logically about things.

  6. Great video Jeff! I also agree with your comments in this video. Why work so hard for a physique you longed for, and then throw it all away in a matter of days? Get the body you truly visualized and worked hard for, and keep it by maintaining. For me, it's a lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your stuff Jeff and your so right mostly. Still for some maintaining that ridiculous ripped look is not the most healthy 365 some people will take some what of a roller coaster ride, As long as its not too outrageous I'm with you. Some people take it way too far for offseason but on the other side many try to reach unrealistic leanness for a healthy body. Keep it up.

  8. Jeff, I've followed you for a long time…like back when the intro song said "it's cool young Reese" haha and I purchased Ax-1 and Ax-2, but this video is by far the best video you've done bro. Thank you for not only the motivation to want to get better in every area of my life, but also the "no bull" attitude you have towards life and it's excuses. You've changed a lot of lives and I just want to thank you for everything. ????

  9. Dieting has been the hardest part for me, mainly because im so used to being able to eat whatever i want, but getting older things change and fast this was a great wake up slap to the face

  10. i don't need to lose weight i need to win it, if you can teach us how to eat 10 k calories, without going to The crapper 10 times a day, filling full from both ends The all day, you are a tru master.

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