Fitness Workout for Women

Women Train Like Victoria’s Secret Models

For one week, we lived and exercised just like the Victoria’s Secret angels do.

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Steve Zim, Celebrity Trainer at A Tighter U • Snapchat: stevezim_fitnss • IG: @atighteru

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  1. I'm short so I'll never be a model, which is confusing because there are plus sized models, disabled models, and many other kinds of models which is great but short models aren't a thing which amazes me that no one has done anything about this yet

  2. What people should know about Victoria's Secret models is that it takes hundreds of people to make them look the way they do. Trainers, personal chefs, makeup artists, surgeons, hair stylists, photographers, photo and video retouchers, agents, publicists…Heck, they don't even handle their own social media accounts! They have people for that. What I'm trying to say is…their job (and many others) is to sell an illusion to get you to buy Victoria's Secret items. Think about it, if you worked out 20+ hours a week, had a glam squad at your disposal, and every other resource the models have…you'd look just like them. So really, when it comes down to it, they aren't naturally the way they are. No one wakes up in full glam. NO ONE. You have to love, respect and make the best of what you have. ????

  3. I'm impressed by their hard work. However, in terms of mid-to-lower back their trainer made posture a lot worse. Being swaybacked (where your back is concave like a C) is really bad for your spine and gives you the look of a bigger stomach. Tuck your tail end in and your back will thank you.

  4. I never feel bad about my body when I see models' bodies, because they are models.They're paid to look like that, to have this long, lean, and muscular body. If you're getting millions of dollars to make sure you get your body right, you're going to do it. I am just chilling haha, if I am going to change my body, I am going to do it for me, not because professional pretty people make me feel bad.

  5. if you wanna be toned and lean you can do that if you wanna be taller with out shoes or anything that not something you can't really change we all need to know the difference. Accept you body if you fine with it but accept don't just go with it because you don't want to put in the work to make it how you want them get upset at others who do. It's healthier to be fit if you don't want to be at prime healthy condition you don't have to, cause it a heck of a lot of work. And I'm not saying we all have to do this work out everyday, no but if you wanna be fit and feel better and healthy just go to the gym 1-2 a week eat a salad not hamburger go outside ok. Because beauty is not just body type, it's health that what's beautiful and working towards it that's truly stunning ok I'm done with my passionate rant

    thank you for reading and I love you all!!????☕️☃️???? Merry Christmas and happy holidays!????????

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