Fitness Workout for Women

Women Work Out Shirtless For A Week

These girls dared to bare it all.

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  1. You guys are beautiful! don't worry about what people might think, your at the gym to kill it and reach personal goals. Your not there to care what people think. Do what works for you

  2. Dear Buzzfeed,
    You're not special. Literally look up any workout video, 80% of the time the woman arent wearing shirts. Stop being full of yourself

    An annoyed viewer

  3. at my high school boys are allowed to work out in nothing but their shorts but girls aren't even allowed to show their sports bras. my administration believes people will get to distracted if they don't wear a shirt but with boys they completely contradict that!

  4. Lol when I did cheerleading EVERYONE of all bodies worked out shirtless. Boys and girls. Even the little kids! Even our uniforms were sports bras. This is normal to me i like showing off my body it's not perfect but it's me! It's easier to cheer in a sports bra

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