Fitness Workout for Women

Womens Abs Workout 15 # 2

If you have more than 5 Lbs to drop before your Abs muscles show, then you most likely won’t be able to reach a toned stomach in 30 or even 60 days.

To remove body fat you have to make sure that are at a deficit with or without exercise.

Also keep a regular routine when comes to training.

Exercises like the weighted sit up, DB or kettle bell v-sit up, weighted leg raises, Single arm Db rollouts would work them a lot more, bringing strength and definition to your Abs region.

If you want to lose your gut, you have to work as many muscles as possible.

Womens Abs Workout 15 # 2

Workout Structure:

Prone Position to Plank and Twist x 2 sets x 6 x 4

DB Complex Exercise x 1 sets x 6

Push up w/ Alternating Lunges x 2 sets x 6

Reverse Crunches w/ Side Kick x sets x 6

Single Leg V – ups x sets x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6

Fitness Equipment:

More Abs workouts:

Abs Roller Wheel Exercise:

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