Fitness Workout for Women

Women’s Big Butt Building Workout in the GYM!! Part 1

This intense Gym Workout will build a nice round butt and sexy athletic Legs. Female Fitness Model Michelle Lewin will showing showing you one of her lower body workouts using the Smith Rack. Training with gym equipment allows you to lift more weights and really build your muscles.
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When Michelle started working out she had skinny legs and no butt. But through years of hard work she was able to build a butt and sexy athletic legs…An You Can Too!
Exercise 1: Alternating Stepping Back Lunges
Set 1: Warm-up set No Weight
Set 2: 10lbs per side 20 reps per leg
Set 3: 20lbs per side 15 reps per leg
Set 4: 30lbs per side 12 reps per leg
Set 5: 40lbs per side 10 reps per leg

Exercise 2: Single Leg Stepping Back Lunges
3 Sets with 20lbs 8-12 reps per leg

Exercise 3: One leg Squat Back foot on bench
3 sets 8-12 reps with 10lbs

Exercise 4: Step Ups
2 Sets of 8-12 reps 10lbs

Exercise 5: Wide Squats
2 Sets of 8-12 reps using 40lbs

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

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  1. QUE NOTA ESCUCHAR QUE ERES DE VENEZUELAAAAA!! Bellisima que eres niña!! Ejemplo a seguir ;)) estaba mirando tus videos para seguir esta rutina, me encanto! Great workout, beautiful model and great example for the Venezuelans around the world!! Love and best wishes from Amsterdam…

  2. Thank you for this work out. Not only did u guys showed how to do the workout but also listed amount of weight and reps to do. Which helps a lot!!!! More like these plz.:)

  3. Thank u for this work out. I really like how not only u guys showed how to do the ecercisr but also listed the workout. which shows how many lbs to lift and how many reps. Very helpfull!!! I so can relate with Michelle. I am a skinny girl wanting to build more muscle. :)

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