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Women’s Shoulder Workout (PERFECTLY TONED!!)

Best shoulder exercises and workouts for the entire body in our 90 day program

This womens’ shoulder workout will help you get perfectly toned shoulders. The five shoulder exercises for women are some of the best ones for sculpting the muscles in the top of the arm, which will make the entire arm look longer and leaner (not to mention much sexier in sleeveless tops). These shoulder exercises for women also incorporate instability, which challenges the core.

Here are the five womens shoulder exercises that make up this workout. For these sculpting and toning exercises, try to choose a weight that is challenging enough to tire your muscle in the 8th-12th rep. Do 3 sets of the entire womens shoulder workout, performing 10-12 reps of each of the shoulder exercises. If needed, take rest between exercises.

1) One Leg Dumbbell Front Raise
2) Kneeling Overhead Press
3) One Leg Lateral Raise
4) Plank To Fly
5) Pike To Pushup

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  1. There should probably be a "warning" in the title – sounding like "you have to be able to stand on one leg first". 'Cause….there ARE people who can't.

  2. Susan,I have a question, when I do those warrior position moves,my leg up in the air I after few moves feel lower back discomfort,tension,is it expected or what u think it is?

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