Fitness Workout for Women

Women’s Workout: FAT LOSS from HIPS / LEGS with BIRD DOG ROTATE! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Bird Dog Rotate, one of the best exercises to target and train the sides of LEGS / HIPS.

Focus should be on slow and quality reps with proper form.

We recommend 4 sets of 10-15 reps of each leg to be added to your daily workouts.

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  1. hi…it was great to discover ur channel….I had a question and a request…have seen a lot of videos on fitness n dis n dat workout…but…none of dem properly tell or show d warm up exercises…or a specific set of warm up routine dat one shud always follow before d main routine…..I will highly appreciate if u make a video for a warm up routine dat a beginner or any person cud do before getting into d main deal.Being a girl Iwud like u to make it female friendly if dat makes sense. Also, in the past I had lost about 20 kgs just by walking….but now as i freelance from my home…so walking d way I use to do before gets difficult….so have a request to please make a video…for a beginner for weight loss and for maintaining dat loss….togthr wid warm up regime….which I cud do at home. Thank You!!

  2. i have been working on my body at home since february and reduced 10-12 kgs. i am a pcod patient and i am unable to reduce more , my current weight is 55 ,height 5feet 1.5 inches .age25 and doctor asked me to reduce more 5 kgs. please sir help me otherwise my doctor will scold me and had just 2 more months for my final report to come …i will be glad if u will do the needful …..:)

  3. Hello sunnyji…
    thanks fr d lovly vdo for thighs,I started doing exercise n my legs r paining vry badly…bt I knw its normal.I js luv ur channnel n everyday waiting for more such vdos.

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