Fitness Workout for Women

Women’s Workout: Fat loss workout AT HOME, DAY-2! (Hindi / Punjabi)

This is DAY-2 workout, perfect for starters!

We added more exercises and made it a little tougher for beginners!

Hope you like this video.

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  1. ap tu baday aram sy 50 repition kehtay ho. BT lg pta jata hai after 20 repitions hi. itni tough exercises hain. I never knew. good keep it up. and pray for me. plz. I could continue it on daily basis and get my #Bollywoodbody.

  2. ???? thank you for the reply, sorry zyada likh diya, teacher hu maybe is liye ????
    I will be waiting for your next video.. In the meantime keep up the brilliant work ????????????????????????

  3. Hi sunny, another excellent video..
    I am so happy and grateful that you have started making more videos for women.
    I am recently into fitness and am a beginner and your videos are just great.
    I have a question and would appreciate it if I received an answer.
    Going by the old method if we burn more calories than we eat only then we can lose weight. This seems so hard. I'm eating as less as possible but making sure I eat healthy like carbs, protein fruit and veg. I don't get time to exercise every day as I work full time. This thought makes me think will I ever lose weight… please shed some light on this issue.
    Thank u so much and Sukhi ji ????????

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