Fitness Workout

Work Out Plan for the Elderly, Women, and Children

Enjoy 🙂

Workout routine for the elderly, women, and children to do at home, fully designed with bodyweight exercises and something and anyone and everyone can start with. I recommend consulting with a doctor before starting any routine – to make sure you are not in danger.

God bless!



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  1. New video looks awesome man! I'm a huge supporter of yours, definitely will buy a white v neck with the black logo stuff on your voting poll, maybe a few. I don't have access to a gym or weights, yet I'm an extremely fast gainer, so your workouts are awesome for me to just really feel like I'm not wasting my workout potential. When you go on your tour I'd be super excited to come by if you make it through the Chicago/Milwaukee area! 

  2. Hi Paul,  I'm 52 and have been weight training for about 10 years though not ripped, definitely more youthful and healthy for it than most guys my age. I find your info and routines interesting Just started following you on Youtube.  I'm "a self modified" Roman catholic.  I trust God ,though I do not know everything there is to know about Him.  For me trusting church is another thing.  Any way,  I notice your philosophy "Body mind soul spirit at the beginning of each clip.  What is the difference between one's soul and spirit.  Or is this a reference to our soul and God's spirit?

  3. How about a video on GRIP.  I see you do not use your thumb to go under the bar-  instead you keep your thumb with your four fingers on top of the bar.  

    Do you always use this type of grip?

    Grip strength is something I need to improve!

  4. Great info!
    I'm in my mid 50's and have been injured severely in industrial accident.
    Trying to get back in shape from the bed rest and surgery.
    Severely injured my back and knee. What do you do to deal with chronic pain while working out? 

  5. hello!!!! verry nice video….glad for that….just a question how light has somebody to be for doing chin-ups…..i can make only 1 🙁 and i want to try for more but i think i'm overweighted!!!!! i'm 34 years old,a mum,57 killos and 1,63 tall…..i  run and lift light weights , i'm a begginer and i find it difficult for doing more than 1…..thanks

  6. Looks like a great place to start. I have had 3 operations on my spine so I hope this conditions the muscles and helps stabilizes my back. Thanks Pavel! You make this look very doable.

  7. i don't know about you guys but i think someone who lifts daily,who changed up his diet,found time for this whole fitness thing, which basically means he turned around his whole life, deserves more respect than someone who does nothing but sit on the couch watching TV all day long and does absolutely nothing productive…

  8. Some of the elderly should probably check with a doctor first though (or get a screening), if they had high blood pressure, etc+ they could be risking themselves. 

  9. Fortress only do bodyweight if he weightlifted he would put weightlifting vídeos he just do hard bodyweight exercises please don't see the bodyweight as some thing easy and optional beacuse the real bodyweight training aré the must dificult and can give big results a long a great nutrition

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