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Workout Meal for GAINZ (Cooking Tutorial) | CookingwithMeyers

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  1. I like everything in your videos, but men way you using microwave if you trying to reach max nutritions rezults ?

    Microwave ovens are a popular tool for quick cooking. By heating or otherwise preparing food in the microwave oven, we are winning a lot of time, but what it all cost? Studies have shown that such treatment of broccoli in the microwave, they lose about 98 percent of its mineral substances, including the cancer-fighting medžiagos.Taigi if often cooking with a microwave oven, run the risk of not receiving a sufficient amount of vitamins and other nutrients.

    Why does this happen? Vegetable food molecules are very fragile and vulnerable, they are more easily destroyed by heat, or heat, so green vegetable foods are far more nutrients than the heat-treated products. Carotenoids, antioxidants and other useful substances molecules are very easily destroyed by the microwave energy.

  2. people tell me to eat everything together and not eat salads with solos ingredients and not eat hamburgers with stuff not together it's all going to turn to mush in your stomach so it really dosent matter it's all in your head.

  3. Seems like more of a meal for shreds than gains man* sweet potato aside there's literally 0 carb
    Dont get me wrong i love your vids but i find you are incredibly obsessive with eating clean and all that. I eat mainly whole, nutrient dense foods too but it just appears like your advice will give a such negative image of less clean foods to beginners that want to learn and start their fitness journey. Its all about balance, and here you are clearly saying you need only salad to be cut. Thats also what leads people to restricting their intake and saying goodbye to social occasions.
    Just my two cents

  4. Haha.. Me too Brendan, I was thinking about 'just am I cooking without tshirt and dancing with music?' 😀 😀
    I can see now, you too like me.. Probably all of us :D

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