Workout Meals

I’m back with a different style video! In this episode, I take you through one of my post-workout meals. I go over the importance of protein and carbs after your workout, best types of foods to eat after you workout, muscle rebuilding, muscle recovery and more! If you’ve been wondering what I eat in a
In todays video I am walking you guys through Monday’s chest and abs workout followed by post workout meals..#chestday, #abs #fitnessmotivation, #healthyeating, #Intermittentfasting, #recipes, #postworkoutmeals Lunch:Protein Smoothie Calories:350 Carb:19g Protein:438g Fat:10g Dinner:Lemon Garlic Chicken Pasta Calories:450 Carb:45g Protein:48g Fat:19g Bed time Snack: Protein drink Calories:120 Carb:2g Protein:24g Fat:1g If you have any video request or
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Hi everyone! These are the types of meals that I will sometimes eat before and after a workout, especially if I workout in the morning, and they are great for building and repairing muscle. I hope this is video is helpful for you. Follow me: Instagram: Facebook:… Website:
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