Workout Meals

Finishing up the workout nutrition series I’m talking about the things to eat after you’ve finished your sessions. It’s an important element, often overlooked and sometimes with some honest reflections on your session needed! Key takeaways: 1. Have I got time to eat a whole meal within 45 mins of finishing my session? If no
To apply for 1-on-1 Online Coaching visit: ————————————- What to eat before a workout is often thought to be something complex that influences your results greatly. But you can be more flexible with your pre-workout nutrition than many people think. In this video, I discuss the key principles of pre-workout nutrition to help you
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Post #workout meal ideas and tips. Learn about nutrition and how it plays a role on your body. Understand the basic concepts of macros, proteins, carbs and fats. When is it ideal to consume high or low macros, and what types of meals should you go about for bodybuilding purposes. Find out in this video.
I cooked chicken breast, brown rice and vegetables for my meal prep throughout this week!! I got tired of eating fast food everyday and spending money…CAUSE IM BROKE AF! Y’all comment, Like & Subscribe to my channel i promise you won’t regret. #ALLGAS #NOBRAKES