Workout Meals

We are now entering the new fitness series folks! Power Physique is designed to look at an overall goal of being able to lift heavy PB’s while maintaining a lean physique and enjoying the flexibility of an IIFYM diet. Basically somewhere in between bodybuilding and powerlifting… Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, follow
Just wanted to share with everyone a highly nutritious meal I prepared after smashing my chest and shoulders earlier. Nutrition especially post workout is essential to keep your muscle gains. Macro nutrient wise, a nice balance of proteins, carbs and fats is ideal. Share and enjoy! **Beach Bum Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons:
Here are some ideas for new barbell exercises that work the total body, great for conditioning. Plus my pre/post workout meals (breakfast & lunch ideas). —————— COACHING: Online coaching enquiries: —————— W H E R E T O F I N D M E CONTACT: INSTAGRAM:… PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:
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