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Just a heads up, this is NOT only for bodybuilders 😉 Anyone can cook like this it is just a simple way to have some food readily available! Also keep in mind chicken, beef, and rice are NOT the only things you can cook in bulk but they are main staples in my diet, and
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Too skinny? See how to gain weight fast: Troy opens up the muscle building blueprint (The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding) and his personal favorite sports nutrition book (Nutrient Timing) and shares with you hard gainers the number 1 tip for maximizing lean muscle gains following a resistance training workout. Post workout nutrition is probably the
My Recipe eBOOK : Just sharing some of my favorite pre-workout snacks/meals before doing aerobics and yoga here in Kenya. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you would like to see more like these. Thank you all for watching… The Common Sense Diet: Music: Jeff Kaale on Soundcloud
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