Workout Meals

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Hey Guys, इस video में मैंने बताया है best pre and post workout meals और diet options के बारे में जो आपके workout को enhance कर सकता हैं और साथ ही आपकी transformation को अच्छे से achieve करने में भी बहुत helpful रहेगा।  मैंने detail में बताया है की कौन से marcos हमे workout से पहले और
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What to eat before and after the workout let’s clear on this. Pre and post workout meals are considered to be the most important meals of the day. It is so significant that if you are messing up the whole day. This video will help you understand why pre and post workout nutrition is important
Jason demonstrates a Savage Chest workout and prepares a 3 egg rolled omelet, a Peanut Butter & Banana Protein Shake, Deviled Eggs for a Snack and Chicken, Asparagus and Cauliflower Fried Rice for a post-workout meal. For full Recipes and Workout Sheets click here: Original Song “Sitting Here” by Psuedo-Slang Featuring Pawcut off their