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Mark Henry recently gave an interview to the portal Esquire Middle East in connection with the promotion of the new game WWE 2K17. The “World’s Strongest Man” talked about the costumes of the fighters and the new generation, among other issues. Following is the transcript of the interview:
The LCO calendar of WWE Superstars is very demanding. Spend more than 300 days a year on the road, kicking half the world to hold events at the highest level of sports entertainment is not an easy task. WWE superstar Mark Henry, flew to Dubai to promote the release of the new game WWE 2K17, which has already gone on sale and also to promote upcoming events in Saudi Arabia on 3 and 4 November.

– Mark, you’re a guy who pulls rather go always well groomed …

“Thank you, I love fashion. Indeed, and it’s funny, I used to give fashion advice to novices who came to WWE to know how to dress. You can not be a champion and dress anyway. You have to have the garb of a hero. It is not just because your work requires; it is important to maintain your position. ”

You should have a conversation with Dean Ambrose then …

“Actually yes. Still, for example; CM Punk hated costumes. He refused to wear them, but now does nothing but take. I still think it looks like a plumber in costume! * Laughs * I think with Big E is the same. Has those broad shoulders, a huge ass … just seems an accordion in one of those costumes sets. ”

– With all the new guys coming in, the age range is rejuvenating. Is there a more convivial atmosphere, and more ‘millennial’ since they began arriving?

“Only to some extent. The boys ‘Up Up Down Down’ (youtube channel created by Xavier Woods dedicated to gaming) are hard workers, but they are very much involved in playing video games. Play fighting games, sports like football. But it is entirely out of hand when a new game WWE 2K goes on sale … I will not say that there is any movement of money, but many bet. It is not money that moves, but there are plenty of people doing 100 push – ups as punishment. ”

– What characters you play you?

I grab me or John Cena, who is who give the highest stats. Whatever placed stronger than me!

– When you look at the stats of your character, what is your reaction?

It pisses me off! My perception of the ring have 77 … it would have to be at least 90! Or for example, I’m not as fast as it used to be, but my strength, I should be 99! No one else should have a 99. Neither Brock Lesnar, and John Cena. I’m the strongest man in the world!

– In the ring, what do you prefer to be a right or wrong guy?

I have no preference. Some love me, and some hate me. I never go into the ring with a preconceived idea of how I want people to opine me. If I hear people booing, I go with that. Same thing happens if they encourage me.

– You can play as the NXT guys in the game. Is there some young talent with whom you want to work mainly?

Neville . I love all their movements. I hope to finish in a better position in the company. I also love working with Cesaro; I think it is disparaged in the roster … but I do not take decisions! I remember when I worked with him in Qatar, he could make me the ‘Big Swing.’ I did not think I was able to get up, but he did.
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