Fitness Workout

Workout plan for Common man

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.(Am not saying am the best ….but i will share my experience with you all my friends …..if you know some thing tell me ………)

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  1. starting video lo telugu annaru kada bayyaa..english workouts videos boledu vunai kane maku telugu lo enka clear ga ardham avuthade ani ne page ne like chesam .. Telugu lo cheppu annai

  2. good one bro . but muscle blaze i high cost around 3k 4 k ………. suggest me . 4.4 lbs & 2.2 lbs difference . iam thin i wana build my body. i used to drink beer but not regularly ………… so give me tips

  3. Bro i need your contact no, i lost 40 kgs Weight by doing cardio without using any products , now want to build my body to Good Shape i need your suggestions please
    THANK YOU :)

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