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Workout Plan for Two Months: an overview

Full plan coming soon,
I take full responsibility for my unfulfilled promise. Sometimes I wish I was Japanese with my deadlines – some of them would die than not fulfill a promise by a certain deadline (not really, but pretty much).

See you guys soon!

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  1. I've got a request to you guys.Could you tell me can I train 2 tricks for example frontl lever and human flag twice a week or should I focus on one trick ? I am waiting for your response.

  2. can anyone help me? So he said he made some names up for exercises but do you guys know a good place(s) that I can find how the exercises are done that are shown in Pavel workout plan.

  3. hi paul, i doing ''street workout'' for about 4 and a half months- and only before about 3 weeks i started to see your videos- you have a offer for me how to set my schedule? thanks alot!!( sorry if my english is bad- i from israel)

  4. I have a problem. I cant do pullups at home and I cant do pushups outside since I do not have an area dedicated for bodybuilding in my town. How am I supposed to chain these 2 exercises together?

  5. I want a park like that near me. Wish i had more bars made specifically for trainers. I hate that we have to rely on gyms to work out. altho i'm about to ask a friend to help build a bar stand for me. only thing i can do for now.

  6. Is doing all of those workout too much for your body? Because some people tell me that u sould workout only 2-3 days a week but is 6 days a week too much for your body?

  7. I need help. I've been working out for 3 months and attempting to lose weight at the same time. I have only lost 5 pounds in 3 months! I saw great results as for muscle gain and started to get stronger than my friends. It was great, but I was still overweight.  I started to get depressed and now I have absolutely no motivation.  I am really desperate. any advice?

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